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  1. Not sure if anyone in West Michigan MAKES lowers, but you can get the fairly cheap thru the internet or thru Gander Mountain or any such Gun Store. Good luck.
  2. They probably don't have the man power to produce for the military.
  3. On M4C it is all about the sponsors and they have mod control.
  4. Great post. Great pics. Pretty amazing that it held zero between the middy and carbine lengths. This subject is about over. With all that has been posted about Spikes and their posting certs and such, I believe only the people that want to profit from slandering Spikes are the real voices behind the hate. I think both BCM and Spikes make a great rifle. You would be satisfied with either.
  5. Doesn't ring a bell. I actually grew up in GR, so I've only been here for around 10 years. I actually lived by you for a couple years, I lived in Lima when I was 3-6...
  6. CMMG Stripped Lower Stag Arms Lower Parts Kit Spike's Tactical 16" Lightweight LE Upper Nikon M-223 1-4X 20 Point Blank Vickers Padded Sling Samson BUIS
  7. Added pic to first post...
  8. The color here is pretty good. We had a pretty cold spring, so things are getting going now. Most of the blooms are still happening, so you can see all the tulips you want.
  9. I have a companion, but these guys will have a ton more info for you: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/forumdis...-Knife-amp-Tool
  10. Come on over. It is a great year for it. The tulips look great and the food is amazing... Elephant ears anyone?
  11. I was worried that my thread might be locked cause I replied to it within 72 hours... Whew!
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys... I will get pics up soon.
  13. Just posting a hello. I'm just finishing up my AR build. CMMG Lower, Stag LPK, Spikes Upper 16 Carbine LE. Nikon Point Blank 1-4 Scope. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.
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