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  1. Hey guys, I've been using Winchester AutoComp for a while now in a couple of .40 S&W pistols and the wifes been using it in her 9mm, I couldn't resist working up a load for my 10mm Auto STI 4.15 Tactical. 180gr plated FMJ's, 7.5gr Winchester AutoComp, chrono average 1210fps, no pressure signs. I think I've found my new favorite 10mm powder
  2. Hiya, Hammer is from Dawson Precision I think it was originally designed by Doug Koenig, I didn't choose it for any other reason than I liked the look of it, something different, personally I believe the appeal of any firearm has a certain amount to do with aesthetics as well as function. The springs are Wolff springs are just their std round wire type, #23 recoil, #25 main, ejection is @4 o'clock and around 15'
  3. Thanks. The trigger is/was an EGW long blank with their 'tank tread' pattern on the front of the shoe, I like the longer trigger as it fits my gangly long fingers but I didn't like the amount of blank area so I milled the slot through it to break it up a bit. The front strap simply has some skate board grip tape stuck around it, I milled a recess under the front of the grip panels to secure the edges of the tape so it keeps it all tidy.
  4. Cheers, pics should be there now. I'm pretty proud of this build, hand fitted every part myself, only thing I outsourced was to get the frame and slide Blued, I managed to get 8 Metalform 10mm mags and made the base plate extensions out of some 1/2" x 1/2" brass bar.
  5. Thanks, That seems to have fixed it, up yours photobucket
  6. Yeah I can't get my head around how to post pics on this forum, seems awfully complicated, I have posted a pic and I can see it.......does it not show???? Cheers.
  7. Hey all, been a while since I've posted here, life's been busy and all that, but anyway, just recently finished another 10MM to add to the stable, 'dual use' this one by fitting up two barrels, primary one in 10MM Auto, secondary one in .40 S&W. STI forged frame, Caspian Slide, both barrels are STI bull with Wilson ramp, Ed Brown and EGW internals, Koenig hammer and all sprung up with Wolff springs, Grips from 1911grips.com.
  8. I have a Lissner 9x25 that was orignally 9x23 fitted with a comp, came out of an old Open class IPSC pistol, removed the comp and the threaded portion of the barrel, recrowned it and reamed to 9x25, fitted it to my STI EDGE which I use in IPSC STD division in it's normal guize of .40 S&W, for fun days at the range it's a simple barrel swap and a 16# recoil spring and away we go. Great caliber, lots of noise and lots of fun, certainly gets it's fair share of attention on the range OH yeah, and man does it shoot straight, I'd leave it in there all the time except I don't like loosing the brass and IPSC doesn't recognise 9x25 as a STD Major PF caliber which baffles me as they do recognise 357 SIG, go figure. Dies are still available, I got a set of Dillon ones and they are just STD 7/8-14, they fit any normal press, the biggest hassle, (and it's not really that big of a deal), is forming the brass. If Aussie D can get you sorted with one I say go for it, I had heard that Lissner was no more, good news if they are still available through another manufacturer, IE, Holland Precision.
  9. Hi ya. Has anyone bought the Exbal Ballistic program from Perrysystems recently? Any comments? Am interested in buying it but the e-mail address on the website just bounces my e-mails back, just wanted to make sure the company is still going before I order it and if anyone has any experience using the software and can comment on if it's worth the $70 price tag. Cheers.
  10. Hi all. Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences between the Delta Gold Cup 10mm and the Delta Elite 10mm. I have a Delta Gold Cup and rarely see anything ever written/posted about the Gold Cup version of the Delta or are they just so similar that it really doesn't matter. Here's some pics of mine, please ignore the idiot scratch on the frame, I still occasionally kick myself for doing that
  11. Hi Shadow, thanks for the welcome. Still haven't had a chance to chrono my 9x25 loads, have bought a new chrono after executing my old one but am going to build a steel box for it to sit in so I don't do the same again Accuracy was superb though, nice little groups at 15yds and 25yds, very happy. I can't source factory 9x25 ammo in NZ, no one shoots it over here, it's considered a "dead" caliber in NZ, I bought the barrel just to have some fun and because I have piles of 10mm brass. Am seriously looking at a conversion barrel for my STI Edge, again just for fun, and because it seems to offend most people at the range :nt: Has anyone actually chronographed the same load through a 6" barrel vs a 5" barrel? would be interesting to see some definitive results, probably not too relevant for myself, we cant hunt with pistols, target shooting is pretty much our limit with pistol ownership so shooting paper and steel probably won't really be an issue if my loads are a few fps down on a 6" barrel. Cheers lots
  12. Bought a new Glock 20 a few months ago, love it, dunno what it is about the G20 but it really doesn't feel like your shooting a 10mm, but anyway, picked up a LW 9 x 25 barrel for it, had a play at the range today, WOW, noisy bright sunny day today but the muzzle flash was very visible :) . Load was, 124gr fmj projies on top of 14.5gr of Win 296, (same as Hodgson H110). Couldn't run them over the chronograph because I put a .40 S&W round through it, (through the chrono that is, not over it) a few weeks ago and it isn't feeling very well at the moment But here's some pics 10mm Auto next to a 9x25
  13. tx4guns http://www.1911-grips.com/index.php I've had several sets from him, nice work and good guy to deal with. Cheers.
  14. Hi Zephyr, all is well in NZ, thanks. To be honest I really havent shot it for accuracy yet, have only really just got the function sorted witht the springs etc. I'll be gfoing back to the range this coming weekend and will shoot a few groups and let you know. I have high hopes of decent accuracy, but time will tell. Cheers.
  15. Hi remat457, when I first put it together with the std STI 40 cal recoil system it was pretty harsh and ejected cases very violently and right across the range, I went to a 22lb Wolff STD 5" recoil spring, I cut it down a coil at a time until the slide would travel fully to the rear and not coil bind the spring, then fitted a 25lb Wolff hammer spring/main spring, (the one in the backstrap), also fitted a square bottomed EGW firing pin stop, this has really tamed it down and it's really quite nice to shoot now, just takes a bit more effort to rack the slide with the flat bottomed firing pin stop. I read in a few places not to go too heavy with the recoil spring so as not to put too much impact/load on the barrel link and the lower lug on the barrel when the slide goes back into battery, made sense to me and the other mods sorted the problem anyway. I'm sure some will think that what I did to make it work by modifying springs is a no no, but, it works and doesn't seem to be hammering the gun too hard, in fact it seems to have done the opposite and made the gun really quite nice to shoot. It's not likley that it'll ever get 1000's of rounds through it anyway, too darned expensive on ammo. What really swayed me towards the STI was the availabilty of factory 10mm mags for it, and I REALLY wanted a hi cap, commander length 10mm, couldn't find any other "donor" gun that fitted the criteria, and seeing as a mate of mine is the STI dealer for NZ, well that sorta helped as well.
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