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  1. Had Glock's since gen 1 and you just can't beat them. Have been issued them and had my own. Now I did have one that was issued to me screw up and go full auto while we were on the range one day but Glock fixed it. We had 2 out of around 120 that were bought at the same time. Glock never would tell the department that anything was wrong but both gun's had all new parts in them when they got back from Glock
  2. This was in box of stuff a friend got and he didn't know if it was worth anything and I never really looked at much other then the twist rate. The numbers on it are 8S679 MP 5.56 NATO 1/7
  3. Picked up on the LCP's Friday for a great price pf $275. A 380 in good at short range and in a hurry, at least until you can get the 45 out. Kind of reminds me of an old joke. A reporter was doing a story and noticed the local Sheriff was wearing a 45 on his hip. After his speech she said I noticed you are wearing a firearm, are you expecting trouble? He replied why no, if I was expecting trouble I would have brought a shotgun
  4. Sorry but I can't seach yet. Is there a way to lookup the numbers off a barrel to get more info on it?
  5. This is just my first home built rifle but the next will be a nice A4
  6. Hello, I'm a new member here with a new build question. Have a new AR build and not sure if I should do anything different then a normal cleaning before firing for the first time. Everything including the bolt is dry, no lube or oil yet on anything so should I just do a normal cleaning and lube it up just like I would a rifle I've shot before or is there something special or some special way I should lube it up before that first round? I've done some reading on here before I joined but didn't see anybody talk about this so I'm sorry if I missed this topic being covered already. Or if this was not the best place to ask it.
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