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  1. Found and interesting tidbit about wheel weight material for casting I thought I'd share. "10. Straight wheel weight metal is a deceptive hard alloy, it leaves more leading than it would seem. The high percentage of antimony makes it feel hard but the crystals solidify out of the alloy before the lead hardens; that leaves the very hard crystals held in a matrix of almost pure lead and the soft lead smears onto the bore unless the lube fixes it. The addition of a bit of tin to the wheel weights makes the eutectic/solidification temp such that the antimony remains in solution during cooling. The result is MUCH better bullets, both for casting quality and non-leading. The amount of added tin isn't precisely critical."
  2. Did you get the PM? I don't see it in my sent items but then again I think I have to tell this to archive it there on send.
  3. I'm interested in trying some of these in my .40. How much are they? How much are the now discontinued molds?
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