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  1. Hi everyone .. I have been away from the forum for a little while sorry but glad to be back. With the Javalina I bought last year and posted about I still have no fired it . It was new in box with the hang tag still attached . Maybe one day I will be able to give you a report . Regards
  2. Good morning all , I have a question for you guys. I just bought a AMT Javelina 7' slide brand new in box looking forward to getting it . watched some youtube videos on it and they look great . what I have been reading not many people have not so good things to say . I'm not new to the 10mm been shooting and reloading for many years . just curious to see what you guys think Thanks
  3. Be careful!!! check it out i have recently found brass that is magnetic... put a magnet on it to see if it is brass or not.
  4. I have a Red Dot from Vortex and it is a great optic ... They also have a NO BS life time warrenty.
  5. For my Delta I added a 22# spring with a full length guide rod with buffer pads also also a mag well .
  6. thanks Shadow, I display it for my brothers who were lost on that day. 5 of them were personal friends whom I think of every day.
  7. pziij

    ATI or RIA

    Good to know thanks Dupa will keep an eye on it.
  8. pziij

    ATI or RIA

    I don't kn ow much about the RIA , but I just picked up the Springfield EMP in 40 S&W what a great platform and it has a life time warrenty .. yes it was used and I paid $ 899.00 retail is around $1200.00
  9. most of the stuff I buy is in bulk with 5 to 8 other reloaders ... that is powder , primers and bullets. you nreed to look for deals on bulk purchasing this will save you on frieght and hazmat charges . bullets I load are either lead or copper clad . 10mm brass is something you need to look for as onced fired it is out there can be found I have around 7000 pc of brass . If you have friend that reload get together and shop all the sites on the web and bulk your order together .
  10. I reload my 10mm now and started to save right away... I figure it cost me about $7 to $8 a box of 50 rounds.
  11. thats great .... thank you will give them a call this week . Frank
  12. That would be nice but I think it is a email only site .... do have a phone # for them?
  13. thanks everyone I will keep trying ..... looking to buy a kit . Frank
  14. I tried to email them but when I click on that window it will not respond ... Might they be out of business ?
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