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  1. tacticalloophole

    Finally going to do it

    Great idea to take your time. I like the idea of two lowers. One to get going right away, and one to take your time to trick out. I can say from experience that I would rather save the money and buy quality when you can afford to. You are set to have loads of fun.
  2. tacticalloophole

    Lightweight SBR Input

    For a lightweight cqb optic, try Aimpoint T1. If that's not in the budget, try an iTac Defense clone. It is the OEM sight for Sig p556. It works great for the weekend shooter. I just don't know if it would hold up on a duty gun.
  3. tacticalloophole

    What the hell WI???

    Appleton here.
  4. tacticalloophole

    Suppressed SBR - DI or Piston

    Folks, I am new to this forum, but impressed with the number and quality of the responses. I am going through an NFA kick lately, SBR's and cans. I have read a lot about running DI guns suppressed if the barrel is less than 14.5". I run a 10.5" spikes tactical and have not had any problems. I guess the problem is timing. The increased pressure through the shortened gas tube cycles to gun too fast. I have a SIGp556 pistol that I also run suppressed. It is a piston gun and I have had no problems. Am I concerned about nothing? Or is there something to the SBR DI gun issue?
  5. tacticalloophole

    Suppressed Yankee Hill

    Interesting question. I have a YHM .223 can in stainless steel. I have the threaded option, as opposed to the QD flashhider. Given the versatility of the can, I would get a QD flashhider, permanently affix that to the shortened barrel to make 16". Then, you only gain about 3 inches in overall length, but you can sill use the can on other guns. __________________ tacticalloophole "Guns don't kill people . . . BULLETS kill people (Guns just make bullets go really FAST)
  6. tacticalloophole

    SBR as a "go to" rifle?

    Boy,, I love my 10.5". Shoots flat as far as I can see with my 3x optic. Lighter, easier to manipulate, can still put a can on it. If I needed a 300meter plus gun, I would probably look at another caliber, too. Just my opinion.
  7. tacticalloophole


    Have you looked at Yankee Hill Mfg? They have a qd flash hider and their cans are fairly quiet. I have the thread-on version for my 10.5" M4. Works great.
  8. tacticalloophole

    Is a combination tactical/hunting AR15 practical?

    That's the best thing about AR's they are completely modular. You can have as many upper, lower, caliber, optics combinations as you cann come up with. I have an NFA short barreled rifle lower. That gives me even more options. If you can dream it. You can build it.