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  1. Joshglock

    Thompson Auto Ordinance 1911A1

    These aren't really a "lower end" 1911. I'd say midgrade. They range in price for $500 to $600 for select models. The MSRP is close to $700 on this particular gun. They are 100% made in the USA in Massachusetts. The old Auto Ordinance 1911s were pretty spotty on QC and had parts shipped from all over (cheapest they could find) mixed with surplus parts. Since Kahr took over these guns have made a pretty good recovery and based on this specimen quality has improved dramatically. Do a google search (that's where I found my info) and you will find some pretty bad horror stories about the old guns... This one is a winner! I had a Pro Carry Ten II about 2 years ago, swapped the Springfield for it.
  2. Was able to pick up Thompson Auto Ordinance 1911A1 by Kahr Arms the other day and thought I'd share. My background on the 1911 platform isn't much, I'm actually pretty far from an expert however I have owned a Springfield and a Kimber in the past so I wouldn't say I'm a newb. My first impression are pretty decent for a $550 1911. The fit and quality are pretty impressive for the price point. There is absolutely no rattle or upper to lower play which I like in a defensive pistol. The controls are smooth and operate very well, the feed ramp is bright and the trigger is short and crisp. There are no machining marks and all components look very well made. The finish of the gun is parkerized which usually I'm a fan, however the finish is somewhat uneven (darker) in one small spot on the slide but you have to be looking for it to see it. That is so far my only complaint if that is if you can even call it a complaint. After all it is a GI model gun... Function is 100% so far which only consist of 3 mags (21 rounds) to test function upon acquiring the gun. The "test" situation was 20 ft standing with Federal red box ammo from walmart with a Coke can as a target. Mags used where Kimber and Metalform. I can't really comment on accuracy as I haven't shot a 1911 in 2 years so I've got to get back into the swing of things. At a later date I will take it to the range and get something on paper. I did put new Crimson Trace Grips on as the only upgrade, as of now I'm content with it but maybe some upgraded Wilson parts are in my future. If anyone is interested I can come back and post some updates after a few hundred rounds... I'll keep tabs on this thread for sure. So what do you guys think? Any opinions, questions or thoughts? I'm eager to hear!
  3. Joshglock

    A new guys black rifle arsenal

    Did ya think I had just 1 gun in that new 18 gun safe we got? Zombies beware!
  4. Joshglock

    Another New Guy

    Yea the SIG is gone. Picked up that 1911 Here's another thread I started with some pics. No point in me eating up all the bandwidth round here lol http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/guys-blac...97#entry1968397
  5. Joshglock

    A new guys black rifle arsenal

    Thanks everyone I'm pretty happy where the collection has ended up. My wife and I both enjoy shooting our ARs. A ton of research and forum trolling went into buildig most of these. Again thanks for the welcome!
  6. Joshglock

    A new guys black rifle arsenal

    Thanks guys. I've got a few other goodies but they are for another section...
  7. Joshglock

    A new guys black rifle arsenal

    Majority are in 5.56... Haven't ventured into the other calibers like 300 Blackout or 6.8.
  8. Joshglock

    A new guys black rifle arsenal

    Thanks everyone. Yea that is a piston driven SIG556.
  9. New to the site but not new to the game. I signed up here ove a year ago and made my first post yeterday. Anyway I Made my intro over in the hometown forum so I'm branching out here I suppose. This is what I'm Working with, if you want any specs on any set up just ask I'll share.
  10. Joshglock

    Another New Guy

    Thanks all!... Except Dan Glad to be here. Dunno how these welcome threads go here... Arsenal pics?
  11. Joshglock

    Another New Guy

    New guy to the board. Signed up a long while ago and never got into the swing of this site... Anyway I'm in my 30's, married and from out Taylorsville way... I like black rifles, plastic handguns and long walks on the beach...