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  1. Happy Birthday Bushmaster-223!

  2. Could you imagine a full auto AR10? I'm sure it's been done, but damn...
  3. I love the pre ww2 Mosins for their nice machining and finish. My 1930 Tula hex is my fav out of my lot. I do know that a box with a diiagonal line through it on the stock means it has been rebuilt with nice parts from other rifles when it was rearsenaled. My 44 is like that and I noticed your 25 has the same marking
  4. Sometimes Sarco has barrels for older military rifles. Mainly K98's and Mosins. Can't hurt to check.
  5. jgsales.com www.k-var.com www.southernohiogun.com www.samcoglobal.com www.centerfiresystems.com Check these out and maybe go to www.akfiles.com for more input to your questions.
  6. Yeah, you got a point there. Ima ijit sometimes. I do however have a Yugo underfolder M70AB2. I was gonna get another but none of the main companys sell them anymore. I can't find any anyway. It's not old but is a heavy beast compared to my Romainian 63. I am building a Russsian Tula made kit at the moment. Just need to decide on a barrel. I can go cheap and get a American copy of a Romain or a expensive Bulgarian. would like the latter. Sorry for hijacking your post.
  7. I use M1 Racing RT and a K&N oil filter along with a UNI air filter and NGK Iridium plugs. The RT oil is around 9 bucks a quart and the bike uses 3.5 qts. I change it once every 3 seasons. Even then the old oil isn't as black as a cars oil after 3000.
  8. 168 on my 2005 ZX-10R then I lost my nerve. I had power to spare but I felt like I was being ripped off the bike! My Bike
  9. 163 on a 2005 ZX-10R with power to spare but I lost my nerve. My Bike
  10. This is exactly what I mean. Nobody knows what sight can be used! All I can figure I can do is get a taller gas block sight mount. The only good use I can think of would be a aux IR illuminator for a night scope.
  11. I ordered a factory built DPMS LR .308 and the upper and lower had a pretty bad amount of vertical play. I had the mindset that I was not going to pay 1100.00 for a loose rifle so I returned it and it came back 2 weeks later with a much better fit with a tiny amount of almost unperceivable play. Most people wouldn't notice. The work order I got back said the technician went through 50 uppers until he found the tightest one. If this is not a case of terrible QC on DPMS's part I don't know what is? They should never have let the rifle out of the factory as it originally was. So, beware if you order one built because you have no idea what your going to get. Since then I have 0 play in my rifle after I did a tiny bit of adjusting. Buyer beware!
  12. Looks alot like mine except for the flutes and that buttstock you have that I want. How much did the build cost?
  13. What's the difference? I have a Yugo that is excellent shape even though it's old and some of the blued areas are turning kinda brown. It came from a importer called PA. It was def made well before 94 but is in a ATI Fiberforce stock with a bipod replacing the blade. Still has the fixed mag but the ATI I installed is a druganov style. The grenade launcher was replaced with a flash hider by tapco that looks just like the launcher. Can't even tell the difference until you look at it close. Anyway, this gun was 289.00 at the gun shop because the factory stock was crap.
  14. As you guessed from the title, I have a DPMS LR .308. You may or not know that the front gas block sight mount is lower than the plane of the upper. I want to have a set of backup sights and am clueless as to which front sight will work on the low block and work with a rear sight. My freefloat handguard is smooth so I have to use the gas block and would like to know my options. TIA.
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