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  1. gilv_58

    AR-15 for dummies

    You can't go wrong with a RRA rifle. I own three of them and they are all excellent rifles. I am building my first rifle and I am using the RRA LPK (lower parts kit) primarily because I love their 2 stage trigger; it is crisp and light. Good luck to you Gil V.
  2. gilv_58

    Where to shoot near Denver

    Found the web site of the range Aurora Gun Club Great place even better bunch of folks Gil V.
  3. gilv_58

    First Build

    Blue The Mega is a nice lower, a am waiting for the Mega upper to come in the mail. That should be a good combination. LMT BCG has a ten day lag time when I ordered it directly from LMT that should ship next Monday. Still looking for a 16" DD mid length barrel. I may have to go to a different barrel if I want to finis the build before the summer is over. Having a good time yet a bit frustrated about the lack of parts and lack of vendor response but I am leaning that this may be the way of this hobby. Gil V.
  4. gilv_58

    First Build

    Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr I can't believe I can't find a DD 16" barrel anywhere in the US!!!!! This is a bit frustrating, that is the only component I am lacking to have all I need to finish the rifle. I do have a few parts in rout to me but I can't find a barrel. Gil V.
  5. gilv_58

    Intro and BCG question!

    Research, your will find that the LMT is as good as the BCM specially if you got the FA version of the LMT will hold its own against the best out there. Besides, the folks at LMT are first class, love veterans and have excellent customer service. The LMT will work great for you I am certain. Gil V.
  6. Looks like Don know how to treat them Gil V.
  7. gilv_58

    Wear and tear on springs

    Sorry my friend and I do say this with all my nubbie respect but its not about trends, its about material mechanics and physics. Unless you go past the yield point of a spring all springs are at an equilibrium point regardless of the amount of compression. In other words a spring is happy under no compression load or under compression loads, again provided you don't pass their yield point (hard to do at compression). Spring fatigue (or any other kind of metal fatigue) is realised after a certain number of load/unload cycles. Fatigue failure can be reached regardless of how small the loads are applied to the spring (or metal). Bottom line is perfectly ok to leave springs under constant load (like a cocked hammer or a loaded magazine) for long periods of time. Gil V.
  8. gilv_58

    Finally finished.........

    Good looking rifle. How doe is shoot?
  9. gilv_58

    First Build

    Lower receiver is almost complete. Installed RRA LPK including an RRA two stage trigger. Grip is temporary wil replace for MAGPUL MOE or Tango Down Tell me what you think Gil V.
  10. gilv_58

    Just Another New Guy

    Great looking rifle Gil V.
  11. +1 on the MEGA lower. They are not that much more expensive but they are first rate. I am building my first AR 15 on both a MEGA upper and Lower receivers. Gil V.
  12. gilv_58

    First AR15

    I also recommend that for your first AR you buy a complete rifle. I have three RRAs check their site they seem to always run a special where you can buy a good complete rifle for $1000 or slightly less. Now I am building my first AR and I agree with the mil spec lower. So I am using a MEGA lower with an RRA LPK with a 2 stage trigger. Good luck Gil V
  13. gilv_58

    First Build

    New to the forum. I have decided to build my first AR 15 rifle. Here is what I have so far: Mega stripped lower RRA LPG with 2S Trigger BCM Extended tube - mil spec Magpul CTR Mil SPec stock H and H2 buffer plugs BCM spring, castle nut Mega Upper LMT BCG - M16 Troy TRX Extream handgurad Troy Vertical Grip So far I have gone ahead and have almost all the lower assembly done. Gil V.
  14. gilv_58

    Where to shoot near Denver

    I lives in CS for a while and shott at lot at a range in Aurora CO which is just south east of Denver. Can't remember the name of the range but it was an excellent facility. Good luck Gil V.
  15. gilv_58

    New to forum, Built my first AR-15

    Building my first AR myself. Nice looking rifle