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  1. happy turkey day to all!
  2. R.I. P. we have your watch...
  3. Ive worn them on Field EXs, on hunting trips in NY in the winter, and fishing in the North Atlantic in October. They are great keep you dry and warm, if you wear a fleece top underneath you are set. Im selling a set up in the gear section check it out (we can work something out)
  4. I think we should all move. This State is doomed.
  5. Welcome fellas if their is something I can do for you let me know.
  6. Damn pipes are makin that noise again!
  7. Whos blowin that whistle!
  8. West Moreland outside of Utica.
  9. :nana: Just kidding! Welcome introduce yourselves and let us know where your from. If you need something let me know...
  10. Will somebody answer the Damn phone already!
  11. My Left ear is shot the Doc told me I will need a hearing aid in a couple of years. I have severe Tinitus (ringing in the ears). It sucks but its part of getting old...
  12. I carry a Surefire L4 and a Inova X1 almost always on my keys is an Inova microlight. I have my G19 on my hip a P32 in my pocket and a blade or blades weak side. I use the light almost everyday.
  13. Well I do live in NYC Zombie capital of the world!
  14. I work nights and Im an insomniac........
  15. Yep I want to go too.....
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