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  1. Here is the very first thread I started concerning the Cam Pin drag in my Adams Arms upper. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/105582-adams-arms-gpu-concerns-problems/?fromsearch=1
  2. Probably a combination of both interior receiver dimensions being too small and bolt carrier dimensions too large. I have also had the suspicion that the bolt carrier may be too "tall" and having upwards pressure from the lower. As I understand, wearing of the finish in that area may be normal, but a clear channel beimg cut into the receiver (like mine and yours) is not normal. Fwiw my rifle has never had a malfunction in 1500 + rounds fired.
  3. Well what purchases have you all made that you have regrets about? And why didn't they work out for you? Here are a couple of mine: - Magpul AFG2 because I thought I would like it on my carbine length rail, then i tried it on my 12guage pump. It just doesn't feel right in either of thoae applications. - Primary Arms Micro Green Dot sight (burris fastfire clone). I got this to use as a secondary when I mount my 2-7 scope. No off setting and the base has to be removed for battery installation (meaning rezero). - Ergo ladder rail covers. I should have just got the larue index clips. I guess I change my mind too much and have cut down the Ergo covers so many times that they might as well be Larue Index clips.
  4. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/131360-another-ar-picture-new-primary-arms-rds/?fromsearch=1 Above is a topic that I started in regards to my Adams Arms with very similar wear from the cam pin dragging in the upper receiver. Jtrain, I appreciate your attempt to contact Adams Arms on my behalf. I still have not received a response from Jim or anyone else at Adams Arms however. When I first noticed this wear at around 300 shots fired, I sent Adams arms an email and got the same reply that you did. "The wear is normal, occurs in both DI and piston ARs, and is self limited." This means that it will wear down to an extent and will stop wearing down after that point is reached. Being that Jtrain runs multiple Adams Arms Piston Guns, and he is alarmed by this level of wear, I am skeptical of AA's explanation. Hope you have better luck than I have had.
  5. Some pictures of the "chewed" up casings would help I think.
  6. I do kinda see what GLshooter is getting at though. When ever pictures of broken polymer lowers get posted, I noticed they are always the same old pictures. For example, I have seen the ones GranTorino posted in literally EVERY polymer lower thread. And the "limp" barrel carbon15 that pepper posted is a pretty popular picture as well.
  7. Forgive me if I don't completely understand what you are looking for.... Are you trying to determine if the new poly lowers are dimensionally different from the older molds? Or are you just trying to get feedback from owners? I own a polymer Plum Crazy lower. It has had a minor failure in that the pivot pin detent mysteriously disappeared and my pivot pin would walk ALL the way out of the lower. I replaced the entire pin with a K N precision pushpin. The lower has between 1200-1400 rounds fired. All 5.56/.223. It now sits in my safe as I have an aluminum lower now. I plan on building a 22 upper for it.
  8. The MOE "K+" has a more up and down angle. Just wonderinghow it compared to the umbrella.
  9. That loose trigger is definitely a bad thing. It sounds to me as though this is a problem with the fire control group. Perhaps it is time to get new frontier on the phone and inquire about warranty/exchange.
  10. Anybody know the difference between the umbrella grip and the MOE k+?
  11. What are the differences in warranty between the two? How about customer service?
  12. I've been finding ammo at .60-.65 per round in bulk, and .70 per round for boxes.
  13. I want to say that a stock trigger is what will always be on my home defense weapons. I would probably get an aftermarket 2 stage or Timney for a target/hunting/competition rig.
  14. Why do you say crap on the calculator Nwatson? I don't rely on it, I do however use it to determine point of impact at 25 yards for a longer zero(36, 50, 100) so that I can get a rough zero on an indoor range (usually max 25yds around here). I then confirm at actual distance when I have the time/weather to go outdoors to the long ranges.
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