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  1. Usually just drop the hammer unless I know it's going to be taken out again soon.
  2. salt

    New 10/22

    Great-looking stock!
  3. Have usually had to use the first-round whack technique. Works well.
  4. Had good results with TW-25B. It's like grease but you don't use very much.
  5. Love the AUG but BAD trigger. As I recall the MSAR had a better one but, you know...
  6. Reloading is definitely the way to go if you have time. Hopefully components won't dry up the way they did in '08.
  7. Good fun. Don't take it too seriously - IDPA is a game.
  8. It would seem best to leave the stock spring in unless you have a problem. Good luck.
  9. Don't see the point of a long slide, but it looks nice. Maybe do one with a lightweight frame.
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