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  1. Hi I'm new here so I'm in the wrong section I apologize. I've looked high and low for good deals on my budget build and I'm down to these two. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about the two uppers. Main use of the gun will be plinking and small game. The surplus ammo upper http://www.surplusammo.com/products/%2ASur...r-Assembly.html Barrel is a 1:8 polygonal rifling made out of 416ss And the hand guard is magpul moe carbine length. The redxarms http://shop.redxarms.com/images/IMG_5330.jpg Or http://shop.redxarms.com/images/IMG_5347.jpg Both are 1:9 button rifled the ss is 416 like the saa and the black is just chrome moly steel hbar profile. I like the picatinny rails on the redxarms but not the sold on that factory seeing as they sell them cheap enough My main question I guess is what are the pros and cons to each of the barrels on these uppers. How are they gonna shoot what size bullet is my max on both? And durability of the ss vs. chrome moly. Eventually I would like to a 20" - 24" upper for the 6.5 grendal but that's further down the line. Also if anyone can chime in on the BCG from either company would be great. After all is said done it ends up being a $10 or so difference in the two companies so I'd like to end up with the better of the two. Thanks for your time p.s. I'm open to other suggestions on uppers.
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