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  1. Salem50001

    Bayonet Lug

    I have a M&P 15T, meaning I have almost a full picatinny rail system. I was wondering if there is a mount that will attach to the rails of the rifle that contains a bayonet lug. I am not looking at converting the bayonet lug into a rail, as I have seen them. If anyone knows how to mount a bayonet with using picatinny rails please let me know. Thank you! Also my signature is how my rifle basically looks. So could I mount a lug on the rails?
  2. Salem50001

    Flashlight mount questions

    Ok is there a mount that easily allows the light to come free off the mount when need be, but will also hold the light without locktight.
  3. I have a weapons light I want to mount to my AR and I know there are many different types of mounts. I would like to know if there is a 2 part mount like kinda a quick remove but one part stays on the gun and the other is small enough so u can place the light into a pocket and use it without the weapon.
  4. Salem50001


    I have, and the XL comes a bit long for my fingers while the L is tighter and fits snugly. I will use them for shooting, so for shooting purposes its better to have a tighter fit?
  5. Salem50001

    Flashlight question

    I am about to drop the money on a Klarus XT10 Dual Switch Tactical LED Flashlight - Black The same website has the mount and the pressure switch for sale too. A buddy of mine has it and I loves it he bought it from this website too, as will I.
  6. Salem50001


    I have looked online and I cannot find how I should size up gloves. I'm aware this might come across as a dumb question but I truthfully do not know how gloves should fit. I have bought some Mechanix Gloves and I love them. I bought a pair of these in XL size and they do fit, but I have extra room between the tip of my fingers and the tip of the glove. I did the other day try on a pair of L gloves and it fit me better but it was harder to get my hand inside, but once I did they felt snug and tight but not to tight. However, both pairs do not move on my hands, just in the XL size there is a space from the tip of my finger to the tip of the glove. So basically my question is should gloves fit tightly to have the most amount of dexterity or should they be loose?
  7. Salem50001

    Sling Mounts

    I thank you all for your inputs. I like the idea of attaching the sling to the stock. I am looking into getting the magpul ms2 sling. I know the ms2 only has a hook to attach to the gun so besides using paracord is there a strap that is made for my magpul moe stock slots that will wrap through the slots and hook to the sling? Thank you all again
  8. Salem50001


    I am currently looking into getting a Load Bearing Vest. This will prob be seen as a dumb question but I wanted to get peoples thoughts. I have 3 different options of colors I can get it in; FDE, Olive Drab, and Black. I live in a wooded place so my simple answer would be Olive Drab, but I would prefer FDE. So I ask which one would be better or would it even really matter? In a WORL would it matter as long as I trained in the vest or should I be better at blending in. Thanks.
  9. Salem50001

    Sling Mounts

    I am looking into slings for my AR, I am highly considering a 2 point and I know if I do go 2 point I will buy a Magpul RSA mount for the front. But my question is, for the rear mount, is it better for replace the receiver end plate or attach something to my buffer tube? Or is there another way. I have looked at the Magpul ASAP but I don't think I will like having that piece of metal sliding around when I am not using it. Thank you
  10. Salem50001

    Next Ar-15

    I bet the owner collects and sells the brass, that's why he does not want anything other than brass.
  11. Salem50001

    S&W M&P15ORC Flat top

    I may not be the best person to answer but I'll give it a go. I really don't see why there would be a problem. If you have them zeroed then it should be fine. I have a M&PT it comes with the Troy BUIS but they are marked with M&P. They are on the same rail and my gas block is shorter than the rails. Look at my signature, this is what my gun, very closely, looks like. I hope this helps
  12. Salem50001

    Scope Question

    Ok I got another question. Currently I run with a red dot sight, would it be feasible to take it off and train with the scope. All my rails are numbered so I could easily return to the red dot, but I would also have to be careful to not bang it around right?
  13. Salem50001

    Scope Question

    I have a scope that is mounted on my AR-15 and it is a 3-9x30mm scope. My question is; if I zero it out for 100 yards at the power of 3, do I need to make any calculations (changes in Elevation or Windage) when increasing the power to say 9?
  14. Salem50001

    Next Ar-15

    I have a S&W and i truly love it. I have owned it for about three months, and put close to 1k rounds. With having shot close to 1k rounds, I have never had feed problems or ejection problems. Truthfully a great weapon. I'm kind of a noob too and this is first AR style gun, but I have done a lot of research and ended picking up the S&W.
  15. Salem50001

    To Buy Or Not To Buy!!

    But I also know that an Aimpoint is much lighter and the weight does add up, plus Aimpoint's battery life cannot be matched by an Eotech. So my question to you is, is the 1 MOA worth the shorter battery life and the extra weight? I have no probs getting an Eotech, i just want to make sure it is worth it.