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  1. Peloton

    Civil War Photos

    Those are awesome! Thanks for the link. ....not gonna get a lot of work done today.
  2. Peloton

    Osama burial at sea tape revealed

    OMG that's funny !!
  3. Peloton

    Any indoor range in the seattle area?

    Is this still available?
  4. Peloton

    New Member Here - Gun Club Question

    I second the above statements. Renton won't let you load more than 1 round in a magazine. Pretty nazi about it too. There's no where to shoot other than designated ranges in South King county that I've found.
  5. Peloton

    Our Own Little Corner Of The Site

    Black Diamond - present.
  6. Peloton

    I want another 1911

    I have a TRP and absolutely love it. Flawless and tight shooter.
  7. Peloton

    There are many like it, this one is mine!

    Purdy I shot my buddy's Valor a couple months ago. Sweet shooter. I really like the finish on those.
  8. Peloton

    Just picked up first AR! (New pics)

    Nice rifle. Enjoy
  9. Peloton

    Fargo man DECAPITATED in fireworks accident

    We had a guy here in the Seattle area last year that was *almost* decapitated by a piece of concrete that was energized by a sparkler bomb inside a cinder-block.
  10. Peloton

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Howdy all from the People's Republic of Washington.