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  1. I saw one that you are looking for one ON FleaBay IIRC? And it was in the $ amrange you are looking to spend TOO! Check it out, it's worth a Look, especially if that is where I saw it, and I pretty Sure it is. Good Luck on your Search & I Hope you find it soon! :-)
  2. Need to fill out a Form 1 so I can assemble my 10" 300 Blackout SBR

  3. Hello FATALITY, I live in Nashville and just got my membership into the Sportsman's club here in Davidson County. So if you ever want to go shoot sometime, I can take 1 Guest to the range. It's a really nice place, they have a covered shooting area with 1 ceiling fan but adding more soon. The Range is 204 yards to the steel targets ( a half man cutout piece of armored steel), and then several smaller 6" and 8" plates down at the 200 yard mark. There is 1 Large 12" diameter & 2" thick target up at 300 or 350 yards it's resting on a chain between 2 tree's up in the woods, I couldn't find it last week when I went because of all of the leaves on the trees. But it's there because I've Nailed it time after time with my 6.5 Grendel's last year and the year before, and the reason it had me so excited is because of the Limitations at most Gun Ranges around here. Most of them have a Maximum 100 yard limit for rifles, unless you go to a Military Base like Fort Campbell or somewhere else that I'm not aware of? But this range has a nice flat 204 yard range with steel targets at that distance, but they also have a nice Board to put your targets at 50 & 100 yards. Then I noticed some smaller bases with a 2"x 4" frame & a Backboard to staple your targets too, if you need something to shoot at in your shooting lane if it's a busy day at the range.. Let me know if you'd like to go shooting at the range one day, or go to your range? See Ya Eric
  4. I have built several regular AR-15's with DI Gas System and a couple with the Piston System and Never had any problem with any Gas Blowing Back in my face from the charging Handle. Other than One Gun, that was an LAR Grizzly Ambidextrous side charging handle upper with a charging handle on each side and it blew gas out in my face, But Only with a Suppressor!! Then I called the Gunsmith with LAR and he told me that they had problems with that particular upper while shooting Suppressed, but other than that I have had No problems at all!!! I have a 300 Blackout that I built and have been shooting it suppressed and un-suppressed with No problems at all. That was using a regular run of the mil charging handle, then a Rainier Arms Raptor Ambidextrous charging Handle it's Awesome, No Problem cost $69.00 to $85.00 depending if it's on sale, then Changed to a Black Rain Ordnance Billet Upper and BLO Charging handle with the large side lever for easier charging.. You know that you can buy the Large Latch for $12.00 or $14.00 from most parts sales places and it will fit on the charging handle you now have?!. All you have to do is drive out the Roll pin with a Punch and light mallet or hammer, put the New Large Latch in place, center the holes and tap the roll pin back in place. It will save you some money.. Good luck on your decision or choice... P.S. Direct Impingement AR; the gases go from the Gas Block towards the front of the barrel "probably under your front sight Post, then runs into the Gas tube then back into the Buffer Tube Assembly where it drives the Buffer and spring "taking away Most all Recoil". Piston Driven AR; The rifle fires the bullet just like the DI gun, except after the bullet passed the piston block and cycled the piston system & loaded another round, the remainder of the Gas is released at the Bottom of the Piston Block at the front of the Barrel.. Adams Arms has a really good animated video that shows how the system works, you can find it on their website... See Ya
  5. Other places that you can go and shoot any rifle or Handgun is Cheatham County Game Reserve just outside of Ashland City Tn. They have Huge Dirt Berms to catch the Bullets and keep them from traveling out of the range. Next time you have some time to search the internet for Gun Ranges in your area try & do a Google Search, then do a search on Bing.com . I was amazed at all of the information that was given to me on Bing, but wasen't availible on Google, and I have No idea why? Unless it's like the Owner of Riflegear.com told me about Google NoLonger advertising Guns like they use too? Happy shooting
  6. That really is a Great Mount, and an Awesome price too! I can't believe it's been here this long? If I didn't already have 2 of them already, I'd buy it. Somebody needs to get this, and I mean quick. They have one of the Best Locking systems made.
  7. I'm in for 2 or 3 depending on when I get possession of 3 barrels with bolts that have been about ready to ship out to me since last December :-(. One 223, one 300 Blackout and one 264 LBC AR caliber. I was told yesterday that 2 are ready and the 300AAC was in a group getting the finish put on, so I'm hoping to have them bye end of this week or next week for sure ;-) . I've been calling them daily and emailing them too, and the post I left about getting lost And falling through the cracks apparently helped too. I got 2 emails and 1 phone call telling me they were almost ready to be shipped out to me ASAP. b: Eric
  8. So does this mean I can get a right handed upper on this deal? If this is true than I want one!!!
  9. I'd like to have a Right Handed Railed Upper from BHW at this price
  10. Hey 702shooter, If you're building your 6.8 with the LAR OPS-4 system doesn't it come with the bolt and carrier system? That's what I thought was one of the sweet parts, the fact that everything came with the upper which saves allot of money in the build of the rifle... Hi Potbellied Yeti, I have never seen this setup before !#$@%^7 especially for the Remington 700 before, but I guess if you are really into Bolt guns and want the functionality if an AR than this is about as close as it can get? If it were a semi auto then I could completely understand, but putting a bolt action rifle inside of a wanna be AR, makes about as much sense as putting Hoarse shoes on a Hog.. To me anyway... ;-)
  11. 702shooter I have a Matched Upper & Lower Mega Billet with the Young's N/M Bolt & carrier and I don't like the fact that I still have keep a charging handle in the back of the upper... I am Definitely going to get an LAR Grizzly for this next build.. I'm sure there's a specific Bolt and carrier Group for the 6.5 Grendel, and I'm going to have one because I want an upper that doesn't have the need for a rear charging handle..
  12. I read the part about the uppers not fitting as well on a pre-ban lower, it was in the LAR Grizzly OPS-4 information... I am thinking about getting one for my next build (its a Great price) and using another Black hole weaponry barrel in .264 LBC-AR caliber. I have the Mega Billet upper & lower with the same side charging handle & chrome bolt that "AA" uses on their rifles.. I have to say that my side charging handled rifle shoots Great with the 18" barrel from BHW, and it shoots tighter groups at 100 yards than my 20" Saber Defense Grendel shoots. I'll get some pictures posted of them both soon! My next .264 AR-15 will be wearing a 16" barrel from BHW, and it will most certainly be sporting an upper with a side charging handle, so if you all are thinking of doing a Group Buy on the LAR Grizzly OPS-4 please be sure and let me know. BTW, I saw where someone had posted about the upper with a side charging handle on each side? That is a picture of the ambidextrous upper that only costs $25.00 more than the standard models. And the do side charging handle is Great because like the member before me said, you don't have to change anything when shooting from the bench. The only con that I can think of is that you can't use your brass catcher, but thats no problem for me because I usually take a 15' x 15' Blue tarp to place on the ground to catch my brass.. Thanks everyone & let me know about a group buy if one happens. Thanks
  13. I have a 6.5 Grendel with a 20" SS barrel, it's a Sabre Defense upper that I put on a Tactical Innovations lower that I really did up right. Guisele SSA trigger, Magpul PRS stock and a really nice scope to top it off, man I love this rifle . Then I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get a 18" barrel from Black Hole Weaponry with the polyogenol riffleing , (I know thats not spelled correctly! Anyway I built this one using spare parts & a bunch of leftover stuff but put a side charging handle on it because they just look so darn good. After breaking in the barrel with about 100 rounds it shoots like a champ! I get better groups with my 18" BHW Rifle than I do with the 20" and I believe its because BHW barrels rifling is done by hand (unlike Noveske that are all machined) and the groups show it. I had the best time 2 weeks ago shooting 1/2" orange & black stickers that I stuck on a used up target at 175 yards with my Blackhole barreled rifle & hit everyone of them too! I have a 16" barrel waiting for me there but I'm saving up enough cash to get a right handed upper from Blackhole weaponry, I was hoping to get in on the group buy until I found out its for left handed uppers only :-( ... If you want to build an Awesome AR-15 for short range but good up to 800+ yards, build a 264 LBC-AR & get an 18" barrel like I did, you won't be sorry. Here's the barrel that I bought from them, 264LBC 18" STD SMILEY FLUTE SATIN/MACHINE WITH A RIFLE CROWN. It'll blow your mind and knock your socks off!.... P S, if anyone knows where I can get a good deal on a Guisele trigger set like a SSA-E or DMR or an equivalent, please let me know.. A National Match would be Awesome ;-) . Thanks in advance E
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