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  1. rockstardrnkr

    Hunter kills another hunter

    Yeah no kidding huh. What a joke our judicial system is
  2. rockstardrnkr

    Hunter kills another hunter

    As far as I knew matformin was used for women and infertility. Didnt know guys needed them unless it was chaz bono
  3. rockstardrnkr

    Enjoy your McRib

    Just had my first mcrib sandwich a day ago. Its wasnt bad but I did not care for the onions that came on it. I may give it another go minus the onions but then again maybe not.
  4. rockstardrnkr

    need trigger suggestions!

    I am looking into a new trigger for my AR, is a PWA commando 5.56, I have been thinking about getting a drop in trigger group for one because of the ease of it. Also because I am figuring it would be longer lasting than the typical trigger kit. I have looked at the timney trigger, along with the CMC trigger, I see there are some familiar with the timney but any with the cmc? Any suggestions on what features I should look for. I dont do competition shooting so I dont think Id need anything that I need to tinker with. Thanks for any help.
  5. rockstardrnkr

    Best Ar15 trigger

    I am working on a Ar15 build, I am looking for a trigger group that will be smooth, but most of all reliable. I am also interested in suggestions for the complete build, I have a PWA commando 5.56 lower that I have stripped down. I plan on having it, the upper, and tube anodized. as of now I am selling the upper cause I want to start fresh with a flat top(mine has a fixed carry handle) Hopefully this will give me plenty of ideas. And thank you in advance.
  6. rockstardrnkr

    Lindsay Lohan and Playboy

    She looked good for those marilyn monroe photos. im sure she'll be fine, if computers and make up can help lady gaga then it should work great for Lindsay.
  7. rockstardrnkr

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Hope Im posting in the right spot. new to the Armory, Im on my second Ar15,first was a mega in .223(long gone) this newest one is a pre ban PWA commando in 5.56, Eager to hear from others who have experience with ARs. And also eager to browse this site and meet new people.