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  1. jbob208

    bushmaster 6.8 spec II upper

    Yes, I have a bushy now and would like to get a little more knockdown . Cheaper than diru has the uppera at just under $500.
  2. Anyone have experence with it?
  3. jbob208

    6.8 upper review

    I saw a review of several 6.8 uppers a while ago that listed the bushmaster uppers and i didnt bookmark it. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  4. jbob208

    .22 upper question

    anyone know anything about the Cmmg 10299 .22 upper? Are these metal or plastic?
  5. jbob208

    .22lr upper and uppers in general

    Midway says they have been "discontinued by manufacturer" is there any other makers?
  6. jbob208

    .22lr upper and uppers in general

    Are the .410 uppers single shot?
  7. I got my bushmaster a week ago and i am already thinking about getting a couple of uppers. Are there any .22lr uppers to stay away from? How about 6.8 spec. And why has no one developed a special caliber shotgun upper? Did i mention that i am waiting on the stamp fairy so i can fondle my yhm tit. Suppressor?
  8. jbob208

    batfe tax stamp

    I ,now the process takes several months, how long to cash your check?
  9. jbob208

    new member and new to ar world

    I will pick it up on thursday, it should be a big change from my freedom edition mini 14
  10. jbob208

    new member and new to ar world

    I live in the real usa, midwest where i can even have a suppressor ( and the yhm titianium is waiting on the batfe stamp to come in)
  11. jbob208

    new member and new to ar world

    It is a trijicon reflex with the amber triangle, the package is the ar, sight, 2le 30 round mags, tactatial single point sling and hard case for $1150
  12. New to the ar world and the forum, is there any difference between the bushmaster xm15 law enforcement marked ar,s and the civilian models or was this just a gun ban issue i am looking at one that was owned by an officer has around 400 rounds usage and has an eotech reflex non battery powered site