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  1. I kind of personally think the traditional American funeral is pretty disgusting. We pump our dead full of chemicals and put makeup on them so their corpses won't look like something dead, but instead just like a normal person taking a nap. Im not planning on dying anytime soon but that isn't what I want. I don't want to poison the ground water for years just so people can touch my dead hand for a few hours when Im gone. Don't really want to be cremated either. Kind of just want to be placed in a pine box or something biodegradable with a closed casket service and plant a tree or something on top of me in memory. We are all going to become topsoil or ashes someday inevitably. Why poison the ground just so it takes a lot longer to happen? Is there any options you could take like that? I know its a morbid subject but of I died in a car crash or some accident tomorrow, they would do stuff to my body that I totally dont want or need done.
  2. What ride could he possibly be ready to take me on? Hes been an alcoholic for 40 years. Im 28. Ive never known him any other way. In fact in the last 5 years, he has drank less than ive ever seen him drink.
  3. No i think he will change. If I offer him that deal and it makes him think he can leave me off better than he was, He will accept that offer. Im very familiar with the man as well as his substance abuse problem. Trust me you think he has problems, let me start talking about my mother. She makes him sound like the second coming of Christ.
  4. He's not going to start hiding anything from me. I told you. Hes my best friend. Hes been hiding bottles of vodka and gin in his toolbox for 30 years. Longer than Ive been alive. Ive came out to his secret bottle locations and drank with him to escape all the crazy people at family get togethers many of times. But the amazing fact is he doesnt touch hard liquor anymore. Not in the last 5 years even before his diagnosis, he wouldn't drink liquor if i offered it to him. He had advanced prostrate cancer 10 years ago and i snuck a flask into the hospital for him because i agreed. Who would want to be awake and sober sitting in a hospital for weeks on end. And hes a man who's accomplished a lot more than me and knows a lot more than me. If thats how he wants to go out than so be it,
  5. I think you are wrong on his intentions. His pretty much exact words after I told him what I did on an average weekend were sounds like you're drinking too much... Trust me this stuff will kill you and you dont want to go that route. Not trying to pin his drinking problem onto me. He's been saying that for years, way before his liver problem was known by anyone. Same with smoking. He convinced me to get off cigarettes. But not the booze yet.
  6. What do you guys think about this? Hes told me a lot in the past that I drink too much. What if I offered a pact of sobriety to him? I will stop if he does as well. Of course this would have to rely on the honesty promise because we dont live together, but I would completely honor my half of the deal because I respect my dad and I wouldnt lie to him, Hes done so much for me that I could never repay him. And he has always kept his word to me as well when he said he was going to do something. I dont know if he could do it or not, but one thing I do know is he will be honest throughout the process.
  7. Its gonna be different going to visit him now though thats for sure. He lives an hour from me, so I usually go there to visit on a weekend and we would stay up drinking, talking and having fun all night. Im certainly not going to drink with him anymore though. Just wont feel right.
  8. Thanks for that story Popeye. Its hard to talk about because of the stigma attached to alcoholics. My dad has never had a dui, never abused me growing up or his wife. He did get divorced from my mom but remarried and has been married for 20 years. I have learned a lot from him and wish I would have taken more opportunities than I did. He knows every trade in the book. Concrete, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical. He was having an addition done on his house and fired the construction company halfway through the job and finished it himself bbecause they were doing a crappy job. And now that I own my own house, he has came over and helped me with a lot of projects. I just dont know if he will be able to kick the booze though.
  9. Feeling kinda down. Ive lost a lot of family members. But I've always said the only funeral i'm not going to be able to take is my dads. He is 61. He has drank a lot his whole life, but he has been the best father and my best friend and was always there for me. Not your typical abusive drunk. There is a such thing as functional alcoholics and he has been one for pretty much 40 years. He worked the same job for 39 years, retired recently and always puts everyone before himself. If I was in trouble, he would give me the last dollar in his wallet. The docs said its stage A out of a,b, and c. So he can still not die from it if he stops drinking, but he is very stubborn.
  10. Just a hilarious story I thought I would share. I had to get a phycial at work today because I have a new assignment that requires me to occasionally drive a fork truck. So they send me down to the nurse and I am very nervous about the vision test. I have glasses, but I hate wearing them and wanted to try to pass without having to be required to wear glasses to drive (I passed for my drivers license without them but just barely). So she puts the card into the machine, she looks into it to see that it's ok and then tells me to take a seat and look into the machine. She clicks something before I sat down to turn the slide or whatever. So when I sat down and looked into it, it was completely dark. I couldn't see anything but blackness. She asked me how many squares there were in it and I panicked. I was afraid to say I couldn't see anything and then she would fail me on the test..So I counted how many lenses I could see with the machine off because maybe that's what she was talking about and part of the test was depth perception and maybe there was some kind of 3d stuff going on that my eyes just weren't picking up on. So I said "3 squares" and she said good! Then she was like ok next and clicked to the next slide. On the next part she asked me which circle was comple out of the 4 with no breaks in it. The choices are left, right, top, or bottom. Ok go ahead and start with number 1. I looked at her like she was nuts and I asked her to explain it to me better. She started talking to me like I was tarded from that point on and she showed me a photocopy of what I was supposed to be seeing in the machine. Then I was thinking oh crap, all I can see inside still is blackness. But I pressed my head back against it and kept trying to see when there was nothing to see. So I guessed and said ok number 1 is the top circle. She said Good! (good guess), then she was like ok number 2. I was like ummm right circle and she said no, you can have one more try though. So I said bottom one. That was the correct answer. Then when she asked what number 3 was, I finally gave up. I stood up very frustrated and said go ahead and fail me on this test, I can't see shat, but would you please come look at this, I think there might be something wrong with this thing. She started laughing so hard and turned the light on inside the thing and couldn't believe I made it to number 4. Now I know how stupid this makes me seem, but combine with how nervous I was about failing the vision test, along with her double checking to make sure everything was ok in the machine before I started is why I panicked tried to wing it. But what was happening was there was something wrong with the thing and it was turning off every time she changed slides. In fact, she had to turn the light back on almost every time we went to the next part. I did pass it without my glasses, but just barely. I am going to get lasik as soon as I save up for a couple months.
  11. I have been shooting and collecting guns for a little under 10 years now. And one thing I have noticed is, the majority of my guns have gone up in value and or price from what I paid for them within the last 10 years. This is especially true for old mil surp imported guns, and guns no longer in production. The only exceptions are obvious guns that are still being mass produced today like my m&p 9mm, bushmaster ar15, mossberg 500, and my .22. I paid 320 dollars for my WASR 10 ak about 8 years ago. Now when I see the dunhams ad, 599.99 is their "sale price" and what is considered a good deal these days. I haven't checked the price of K31's lately, but I have one that is in one of the best condition that I've ever seen and I paid 200 for it not even all that long ago. I'm sure they are going for more than that now. I paid 140 for my yugo sks, I know they are fetching a lot more than that now as well. Sadly, I didn't get in on the mosin nagant's when they were 80 dollars, but I have started to now and I bought two of them for 139 dollars each this past weekend. Because 139 dollars is still an excellent price for just about any rifle that is in decent shape and is reliable. I think i've learned what most people have been telling me in the gun community.. When they are dirt cheap.. Buy them cheap and stack them deep. They will never go down in price, only up. And the fascinating thing is that it seems to happen rather quickly, I mean like 5 years they can double in value.. Not 20, not 30, not 50 years. Guns in general seem to be a safe buy. The only gun I really got burned on was my ar15. I bought it in 08 right when obama won the election and that was shortly after that DC sniper was using one. And I also think it's because wal-mart has recently started selling Ar15s which has also greatly reduced going prices. So ya I probably overpaid for that one, but that's ok because I don't ever plan on selling it unless I'm starving and eating out of a dumpster.
  12. Lol.. a 45 caliber sniper rifle? da fuk? Is it really some kind of long gun in .45 acp with a six round capacity? That sounds stupidly impractical to me.
  13. Holy crap you listen to rover's morning glory all the way in TN? Thats crazy. That's my local radio station 100.7 wmms that he broadcasts on. How did you even find out that radio show exists all the way down there? Did you have a diarhea accident?
  14. The jokes are funny, and as much as I love to drink... I'm buzzed right now even. With that said, I wouldn't want this condition at all. Being wasted to that level on a daily basis had to do some serious liver damage to him. On top of you would probably get dui's left and right, a divorce, shunned by everyone not believing that you really aren't a drunk, most likely lose your job, etc. "Hey, I made you a sandwich... no way, no more. I'm already seeing double from the potato salad."
  15. (CNN) — Most beer guts are the result of consuming fermented brew, but a new case study describes a rare syndrome that had one man’s gut fermenting brew, not consuming it. It’s called gut fermentation syndrome or auto-brewery syndrome, and it’s “a relatively unknown phenomenon in Western medicine” according to a study published in July’s International Journal of Clinical Medicine. “Only a few cases have been reported in the last three decades” according to Dr. Barbara Cordell, the dean of nursing at Panola College in Carthage, Texas, and Dr. Justin McCarthy, a Lubbock gastroenterologist, the study’s authors. The most current case comes courtesy of an unnamed 61-year-old Texas man who for five years seemed to be drunk — all of the time. His wife, a nurse, began to give him breathalyzer tests. Even when he hadn’t been drinking at all, his blood alcohol content was as high 0.40 — five times the legal driving limit — according to the study. But the medical community was largely unaware of Gut Fermentation Syndrome then, so the patient wasn’t always believed. In 2009 he was admitted into an emergency room on a day he hadn’t had a sip of alcohol and blew a 0.37. “The physicians were not aware of any way that a person could be intoxicated without ingesting alcohol and therefore believed he must be a “closet drinker,” the paper says. Finally, after a 24-hour observation period at a gastroenterology practice in 2010 — one in which he saw no visitors and underwent a battery of tests — doctors figured out what was ailing him: His stomach was turning food into booze. “The underlying mechanism is thought to be an overgrowth of yeast in the gut whereby the yeast ferments carbohydrates into ethanol.” After a regimen of antifungal medication, his yeast was in check, and he was registering zeroes on the breathalyzer. The authors conclude their paper by imploring their colleagues in the field to take gut fermentation syndrome seriously. “This is a rare syndrome but should be recognized because of the social implications such as loss of job, relationship difficulties, stigma, and even possible arrest and incarceration,” the authors write. By Kevin Conlon, CNN http://fox8.com/2013/09/20/startling-syndrome-mans-stomach-turns-food-into-booze/
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