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  1. Delphin25

    Legal in CA?

    Basically what he said....also... I was told it's best to have it be pinned and welded just to be certain your compliant, not either or. (but to each his own) Sometimes a pin or weak weld alone can be snapped if you take a wrench to the flash hider. Basically: shimed, installed/aligned, drilled, a pin put in, then the pin welded in. then grind/sand it smooth and paint. done good to go And also the 16.1 inches not 16 is safer, just so there's no question. But you have to find the right spot to start the measurement from at receiver end also. Its never simple.
  2. Yeh from what ive read so far 62 -68 seems best, 62 seems more common in boxed ammo. More option in .223 than 5.56. I may have to try some .223
  3. Yeh Derrick once a month 3rd Sat. ALso CMP and other matches I have a question for everyone. Derrick I read some of your post , Youve tried lots of ammo too. I love my Federal Xm193 for general use but I would like to find some good ammo for the next match. Any suggestions? My main issue is I have a 14.5 inch barrel on this SBR Im using, its 1:9 TWIST carbine gas system. (Note: It has a 1.6 inch A2 flash suppressor pinned and welded for 16.1 "barrel" length to be legal in California. ) So I think the ideal weight for matches would be around 62, 75 might be too heavy/long? dangerous? I'll have to try a few. I don't plan to load my own. May ask my buddies brother for some though. Questions: 1 whats best weight for 1:9 14.5" at 300 yards? 2. should I stick with 55.6 x 45 mm NATO not .223 Remmington? (shoulder/rifling?) So: Hornaday 5.56 NATO 55 grn GMX superformance (too light?) Hornaday 5.56 NATO 75 grain BTHP superfomance Match ? (too heavy? dangerous?) Zombie Max Ha Ha BVAC BV5.56-OTRP Federal Gold Medal? Black hills? Remmington? PMC? I'll keep looking, see whats avail locally, try some out, see what works. (Oh and building the 20" full match rifle will have to wait $$$ LOL)
  4. Yeh Don, Have to clear it with the wife first. LOL Im not sure of the calibers but 3 AR's 1 match rifle and like 12 bolt actions with scopes and bipods. Yeh I'm already looking at some varmitesr uppers and match triggers, scopes etc etc lol ....BRD I havent got the bolt action addiction ...yet All good and thanks again for all the kind words.
  5. Every third sat 7-12 20 bucks now NRA sanctioned. Come on down. Great fun. I shot "F" whatever that means, scoped bipod? All 45 shots scored! Got the basics down. Friends brother won service rifle class. I was out there thinking ok not great but not too bad for first match better take pics for the guys on the forum LOL guy next to me shot a 149/150 on last string pretty sweet. Ive got a long ways to go. Classic seventies aqua blue shag carpet... My new Tasco spotting scope Santa brought me this year.
  6. Awesome day: 129 1 x not bad for my first attempt. (put the shoot n see back up for the pic.) 133 3 X's adjusted one click down. Best string great feeling 119 No X :( adjusted one click left then back, and totally lost it LOL
  7. yeh thanks guys Don, Derrek Griffon, Glshooter, I appreciate the support as its tomorrow I was starting to get nervous lol. I just want to start close, sighting in from the dirt trying to find the paper, that can really suck, I know from experience. ha ha hmm now since im using my nikon with point blanck reticle that has a big arse dot in the middle for CQB they say is good to 200 yard and Im at 300 yards (covers target) I may add one click up and use the top of the dot and the one top cross hair for my point of aim. (sorta Kentucky windage, but oh well) Maybe next time I'll mount the Leopold 3-9x if this doesn't work.
  8. Awesome replies. Thanks! I feel better already. Yeh Dillon looks nice at a reasonable price. yeh 5 MOA at4 click per degree is 20 clicks. I'll bring my new 60x spotting scope and my buddy said hed help me sight in, (hopefully not over the berm lol) I'll look up some more charts maybe print one out.? using Federal Xm193 5.56 55grn FMJ BT for M4 14.5 inch 1:9 (short barrel) (with 1.5" A2 welded) OMG found killer app from Nikon! http://www.nikonhunting.com/spoton/ SO for 5.56 55 GRN its -11.16 inches at 300 yards with 100 yard zero hmm so 3" PER moa AT 300 YARDS so 11.16 inch is 3.72 MOA which is 14.88 clicks or rounded off to 15 clicks? 5 less than 20 15 sounds right, I'll have to try it there than adjust. I'm learning.
  9. So I'm planning to do my first match tomorrow Sat morn 7-12. Going with my friend who has done several and his brother who has lots of trophies. So they should help get me through it OK. Reduced Range Palma Match. 300 yards prone, slow fire, 3 sets of 15, MR-63 targets unlimited sighters (ie 5-10?) Beginners welcome, instruction provided. http://www.sbrgc.org/html/reduced_palma.html Should be fun, but ive never shot prone, never shot over 200 yards. Supposed to be iron sights, no bipod, but I'm told they let you use them but your not allowed to win the match. So I'm going to use my bipod and M223 1-4x for this first match at least. My scope is sighted in at 100 yards, scope is 1/4 MOA per click so I think I need 20 clicks up? Is this right? Any tips would help? Cant find a shpoting mat in local shops so I'll use the carpet pieces they provide till I can order online. Suggestions? I was thinking Midway basic mat.
  10. Delphin25

    Hello LE6920CMP

    This is what i use from out local shop, 99 cents, works great. http://www.parallaxtactical.com/store/fing...b81ce09b97e1beb Kalifornia is a pain, but at least we do still get to shoot. Yeh I checked out both the 20 and 40 cali legal colts they had at Parallax Tactical here, great shop. Loved both the Colts.
  11. Delphin25

    Hi-Point 995ts carbine in 9mm Anyone try one?

    So just got back from the shop. They sold the 9mm 2 days ago ($309) but had a .45 ACP version ($349) Should have more in 1-2 weeks, (on order). Buddy may wait to get the 9mm version, (cheaper ammo) We played with it. Seems like fun bang for the buck. Lots o polymer. Already has bullet button installed for Cali legal. Saw the new Colt CA legal AR's too or I should say "COLT M4" here in Cali.
  12. Delphin25

    Hi-Point 995ts carbine in 9mm Anyone try one?

    Its 10 rounds, Cali legal. As long its not unsafe or horrible I think he will have fun.
  13. Thanks guys. Finally got to it last night. Remove set screw, hold onto cap, remove cap, spring, and follower. A bit of shaking, working of lever and a careful nudge with the screw driver. and the round came out through the magazine tube. Now I'll continue to debug the feed issue and try her again next time out. I took some pics with new phone and will post once I figure out how to upload. lol Here's a decent pic: Not so good pic:
  14. My friend is thinking of getting one tomorrow. For $300 it might be fun? Anyone here own one? Is it safe? reliable? fun? May look at it this afternoon. "Plant of the Apes gun" LOL From what Ive read its no MP5 but its a fun reliable plinker for the money. Any feedback is appreciated.