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  1. Bruce, I originally purchased 100 or these rounds and went through 50-60 first day out with them. After getting over the power of the load, I concentrated on hitting the X. At 15 yards it was POA with a Kimber STII. At 25 I can't see very well but it did well. I can't say more because if I can barely see the X, how can I shoot it?!
  2. Congrats IC. All of your ammo tests will be so much more fun now! I have been working new 1911s the same way for a while (slide and frame only).
  3. Awesome IC. Thanks again for the test. Great to see what some of these loads are doing. I don't have a chrono but shooting those from an STII put a big smile on my face.
  4. I shot that out of a CCO with a non ramped barrel. It was a double charged round. In all fairness to PRVI, I had already been through 951 rounds from that case, and on this particular round, a double charge. It locked the slide down, blew both of my thin cocabola grips in half and shoved the remaining 5 rounds down into the mag, bent the mag lips inward and the spring is permanently depressed in the mag. No damage to me except for powder burns on my face from the blowback. Gun is all steel so no damage to it or the barrel. This could happen with any ammo manufacturer. However, the fact that it happened with these, and the fact that this ammo is so anemic, is enough to keep me from shooting them anymore. Cheap, yes, but for the same price I can get Scottsdale HPR at 10mm strength. I just pray none of these hotter loads are ever double charged.
  5. I have a CCO in 10mm with non ramped barrel and I am happy with it. I won;t shoot any nuclear loads through it but anything in the 1200-1275 range is fine. If your build is a full size I would go ramped and supported so you can experience the hot stuff that is out there.
  6. I ordered my first batch of Underwood ammo a few weeks ago based on the buzz around the forums and the testing some of the great folks here and other forums have done on various 10mm loads. My 10mm CCO does not have a ramped barrel, and shooting any 180 grain loads around the 1300-1350fps range is not practical nor is it safe with this setup. I decided to try Underwood's 180 grain DE Gold Dot load at 1240fps. I ordered 200 rounds and took 100 of them to the range two weeks ago for testing. I had planned to make this my new SD round (replacing DT). I was able to shoot 26 deliciously hot and accurate rounds. While loading the next mag, the 4th or 5th round would get hung up in the mag, depressing the mag spring and holding it down. I had to slam the mouth down into my hand to get the spring to push the rounds back up to the lips. I tried loading 9 different 10mm mags and none of them would load properly. I tried my Scottsdale, remaining DT and some Atlanta Arms I had on hand and they all loaded fine. My suspicion was that the OAL was a tad long. Calipers were not on hand at the time. I emailed Kevin as soon as I got in the car and he promptly responded, telling me he measured some of the rounds he had from that same batch and found they were loaded at the OAL max. He was unaware of this issue until I emailed him about these rounds, and thanked me for doing so. Before I could thank him for checking up on this I had an email telling me that he was shipping out replacement rounds the following Monday (Friday was the day I tried them) and a call tag to ship the unshot rounds back to him on his dime. By Wednesday I had 200 new rounds in my possession. I measured these and they were right at 1.2487-1.25 OAL. Loaded just fine in all the mags. Kevin stands by his product, and his quick response and desire to resolve the issue is second to none IMO. He will continue to get my business and I will send as many shooters as possible to him in the future.
  7. the last round of PRVI PPU 10mm that I shot and will ever shoot.
  8. Got these in Friday and I do think they turned out nicely. Ordered them from Pistol Accents, and they were made by Carbon Creations.
  9. i can spare a few DT. PM me shipping info and let's do this. I want to know myself as well. I can send a few from each box.
  10. That's what I was getting at. The Scottsdale doesn't even so much as bulge at 1275fps. I may just go back to them, even though they are a bit more expensive. I already know it will shoot their ammo without issue and based on your tests and the feel in my hand, it is loaded to claim. By the way.,..the Double Tap 180's I have now DO bulge a tad and feel just as powerful as the Scottsdale. I may take you up on your offer and send you a few of these. I just got them a month or so ago
  11. Here is a link to the CCO chamber with round inserted. As I mentioned, I have had no issues with Scottsdale ammo (the one pictured) with this barrel and also the latest Double Tap offerings. Maybe the extra 25fps claimed by Underwood would be all it took to have a KB. http://img804.imageshack.us/img804/9118/img3851n.jpg
  12. I have a Kimber with ramped barrel but wondered if it could be shot from CCO.
  13. Anyone shot their non DE loads from a non ramped 1911? I shot the Scottsdale 180's in my CCO with no issues. Rated 25+\- fps less. Underwood says not to use conventional barrel but is this just a CYA measure for Underwood? I'd live to try their 180's but I don't want to buy something I can't shoot.
  14. ran 125 rounds through the 3 mags I ordered and they all functioned perfectly through my Fusion CCO (added X-Grip to the fullsize mags for comfort at the range). Highly recommend the metalforms.
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