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  1. I thought it would sit in front of the rail, almost like extending it. i guess i need to restart my build. Bcm barrel vltor upper...Any recommended gas systems??
  2. I read that i was just hoping maybe there was a way. do you recommend a different barrel that is just as good or better?? or maybe a different piston system?
  3. sorry if its in the wrong place..im new but i want to know.... Will an Adams Arms mid length piston system fit on a 16" noveske barrel with a Vltor vis-2 upper. This is my dream set up but i feel that the vis is to long to fit behind the piston. if it wont work please post suggestions. i would hate to get rid of any parts so maby moving the gas system up may work or a different barrel. however i like the quality of noveske, so please make any new part susgestions "top of the line" because thats how i want my ar-15 to be Barrel- http://noveskerifleworks.com/cgi-bin/imcar...ce=&status= Vis- http://www.vltor.com/vis.htm Piston system- http://www.adamsarms.net/details.asp?sku=MPS-D-ADA longer piston system- http://www.adamsarms.net/details.asp?sku=RPS-D-ADA Thank you for your help
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