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  1. It's made by BRO they sell them on the website i believe
  2. I know, I know I had to get something just for this weekend to F around with as I was in a bind time wise (i want to order). I'll hopefully have a new sight here within the next year or year and a half. The rifle was a big enough plunge at first. Give me some time guy, give me some time....
  3. Need to post some pics but I can't search old posts that would have the info, not enough posts yet....lol
  4. Just got mine Friday. All I have to say is the finish on these rifles are amazing. Magpul pop up sights, and the attention to detail ie logos and writing is great. Pics to follow once I get enough posts here to share pics.
  5. Pickin' Mine Up Tomorrow! Can't wait to get it out and put some rounds thru it! Does anyone have any recommendations on mods?
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