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  1. I have Timney 4 lb. triggers in my AR15 and my LR308 and they work just great. There is NO creep, very little take up, great 4 lb. break, and very little over travel ( just enough to resent the trigger). The trigger pull is a consistent 4 lb.pull every shot, shot after shot. They're not cheap but they have a lifetime warranty and are the best single action triggers I've pulled on in 52 years of shooting.
  2. I use the Burris PEPR on my AR15 and my LR 308 and it works just fine on both of them. I have a Vortex 5-15X44 scope (20 oz.) on the 308 and wasn't sure at first if the Burris would do the job. But it does the job just fine and the scope never losses it's zero. As you have seen you can pay a whole lot more, buy why?
  3. Those of us that own and shoot them, love them. The build quality is excellent, they are very accurate ( .65 in groups at 100 yards with Fed X193 and PMC 223 55 gr ammo in my rifle) with factory ammo. S&W builds very good firearms and they have a lifetime warranty. The only complaints from some is that they don't have a FA or dust cover. I never used either on on the last AR that I had and don't miss them on the Sport. YMMV
  4. I've used about 2500 rounds of their 223 without any problems. It shoots well, fairly clean, about the same POI as when I use Fed M193 55gr and PMC 223 55gr ammo. I have also used quite a bit of their 45ACP FMJ and it works great also. They are GTG in my book.
  5. When I went thru basic training at Ft. Lewis, WA in 1967 all the Black Rifles were being shipped to Nam. We got M14s to train with. One of the DIs got to use a M16 one day at the range just to show us what it was like. Ever since then I've wanted a AR15. In 1995 I bought a Olympic PCR AR15 and put one of their 20" heavy barrels on it. It would shoot 5 shot groups in 5/8" at 100 yards with handloads. It was 100% reliable for the 4 years that I owned it. I sold it 4 years later to fund other toys and have regretted it ever since. Didn't have the money for guns for many years. About a year and a half ago I bought a S&W 15 Sport AR and am having a blast with it. Shoots Fed M193 55gr and PMC 223 55gr 3-5 shot groups into .65" at 100 yards. Not bad for a $620.00 rifle. In Aug. of this year I bought a LR308 Oracle. I had forgotten how much recoil the 308 has but got used to it in a hurry. I also found a muzzle brake that works very well and it softened the recoil quite a bit. Put a Vortex 5-15 X 44 scope on it and with factory ammo it will shoot 3-4 shot groups into .625" to 6.5" at 100 yards. I'm not the shot that I used to be, at 64 I shake a little. It's a real blast to shoot (especially with the JP muzzle brake) and I will be joining a club after the first of the year that has a 300 yard range so I can do more than 100 yard shots. I'm now getting the toys that I haven't been able to afford for the last 20 years, second childhood!!!!!!!!
  6. I've used about 1K of it in my AR and it is excellent ammo. Shoots sub MOA in my S&W 15 Sport at 100 yards. Cabelas runs a sale every once in a while on it for $5.99 to $6.99 a box, I stock up on it when they do.
  7. When I bought my AR I was shooting Fed M193 55gr FMJ and PMC 223 55gr FMJ ammo. The PMC shot very accurately (sub MOA) but the M193 would only shoot to 2-3 MOA. I put a MI two piece free float handguard on the the rifle. PMC still shoots sub MOA and now M193 also shoots sub MOA. I think it was worth the costs. I'm not the best shot anymore but here's a couple of targets. The red bullseye is 1.5 in in diameter. When I do my part both ammo and the AR are more than capable of doing sub MOA.
  8. Take a look at STI 1911s. Very high quality, fit and finish are very good, and they are accurate guns. I own a STI Ranger II in 45ACP and it's a great gun.
  9. I use one of the metal wire frame and plastic netting ones that Velcros to the handguard. I think I paid $10 - $15 for it. Once you learn where to position it, it works great. It also works great on my LR 308 AR!!
  10. I like the Strip LULA, loads 10 rds at a time very quickly and it works great.
  11. Check the Primary Arms site for low cost sights that are well made for the price. I own two of their red dot sights and they work great. Their sights are several steps up from the Airsoft stuff and their prices and customer service are great. https://www.primaryarms.com/
  12. Take a long look at the S&W 15 line up. They now have 15 or more ARs in the line up and they are very well made guns. They are getting great reviews by the owners and people who shoot them. I have owned the S&W 15 Sport since last August and it's a great gun. I paid $619.00 at the LGS. I have shot about 2500 rounds thru it and have not had any malfunctions with it, not one. The Sport doesn't have a forward assist or dust cover which is no problem since mine is a range gun for punching paper. At 64 I'm not going to be crawling thru the dirt playing Army, I did that 45 years ago. The Sport is very accurate and their other rifles have a reputation for accuracy as well. With the exception of some small parts, pins and such, all the parts are made in house by S&W for the best QC. They also have a lifetime warranty! I'm not the best shot anymore but here is a 100 yard target with three shot groups. It's pretty easy to pick out the groups and as you can see from the group in the middle of the bullseye, it's quite capable of sub MOA groups. The red bullseye is 1.5" in diameter.
  13. Here's my 1911s at this time. Just bought the Colt LW Commander in 45ACP 3 weeks ago. Did a 4lb trigger job on it and it shoots great. This is my STI Ranger II in 45ACP and I've had it about 4 years. All steel and very accurage. This is my RIA Match in 45ACP, also very accurate
  14. If you make a good head shot on them they are good to eat. The younger ones are better eating than the big old fat ones. The thing to remember is to cut off the fat from the meat. The fat makes the meat pretty strong and gamey tasting. Most folks either flour the meet and deep or pan fry it or they make a stew our of them. Search the internet and you should find all types of ways to cook them.
  15. I tried putting a Wilson 4lb drop in trigger in my LR 308 and it wouldn't pass the safety test. With the rifle on safe the trigger should not move but the Wilson moved just enough to release the hammer. When you took it off safe it would have fired had there been a round in the chamber. The problem wasn't with the Wilson trigger it was with the LR 308. 308's don't have build to specs like the AR15. So the pin locations on my lower were off just enough to cause the trigger to release the hammer on safe. The gunsmith at Rainier Arms tried to get it to work but it was a no go. So we put in a Timney 4lb trigger and it worked perfectly, go figure!!!! Spend the money and buy a new trigger and install it, your present trigger is definitely not safe.
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