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  1. doeboy

    HELP PLEASE, Palmetto State Armory

    they have a new website going up on tuesday.. wait till then.
  2. doeboy

    Palmetto Plunge

    it took them about 10 business days to get my upper shipped and I am very happy.
  3. doeboy

    PSA or S&W

    dependable and accurate. They don't play around.
  4. doeboy

    Palmetto Plunge

    they had a QC issue with 3 gas tubes on uppers out of 3000+ shipped. That is nothing and have addressed the problems. They bend over backwards for people. I had to wait 2 weeks to receive my upper and am totally happy with it. Everybody is buying from this company so the amount of items they ship daily must be tremendous. Be patient as it will pay off. I heard when they ran the deal on the stripped lowers they got like 5k+ orders in a few days.
  5. doeboy

    PSA or S&W

    i have an all PSA rifle.. put the lower together myself and bought a complete upper. they got a lifetime warranty according to the owner of the company who is a former marine. They are great products and the only complains I have heard are shipping since they are hugely popular and catching on very fast and that 3 uppers had gas tube problems out of around 3000 sent out so far. You will love their product and fall in love with the company. They know their stuff and their barrels basically come from wilson or fn. Do it bro you will thank me later.
  6. doeboy

    Looking for my first AR.

    i would check out PSA they got great stuff and its run by marines.
  7. doeboy

    Eye Protection

    my glasses are round and not very large and I just wanted something that would cover my entire eye which my glasses dont at all. Something with complete protection from all sides.
  8. doeboy

    Eye Protection

    holy crap Jefferson.. Pyramex V2-XP perfect and cheap also!! thanks a lot buddy. I mean I could use my prescription glasses but they aren't exactly full eye protection like these pyramex's plus why spend a bunch of money on new prescription safety glasses when those pyramex are sooooo damn cheap. I think they will work perfectly with my
  9. Does anybody make eye protection that accommodates a person wearing glasses? I have seen some with actual lenses attached to the safety glasses but none that go around a persons eyewear. Any ideas? I guess contacts are one way to go and get a regular pair I just wanted to see if there are any other options.
  10. doeboy

    good red dot for around $100???

    what would be a good mount to use with one of these bushnell or primary arms optics if you have irons and want to be able to use irons as a quick backup? Do these sites allow quick disconnect or some kind of way to move the red dot out of the way? I got an ar15 I just have irons right now.. been looking for optics trying to get more informed about options with regards to the mount.
  11. doeboy

    Zombie Gun Sale

    I think this zombie crap is so lame now. It was cool maybe 5 years ago, but has been taken over by marketing and is just so stupid. Perhaps we should prepare for the destroyed middle class apocalypse which would be better.
  12. doeboy

    Next Ar-15

    Hell why not just build your own lower and buy a complete upper? I got mine from PSA and did that.. Very happy plus those guys both have a 1:9 twist which means heavier bullets aren't going to shoot as well.
  13. doeboy

    Tool list

    I used like some small allen wrenches, screw drivers and an adjustable wrench. I only built a lower thou so building the upper also requires more im sure.
  14. doeboy

    My work so Far

    say hello to my little friend
  15. doeboy


    looks great. Be sure to let us know how you like the eotech.