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  1. Besides having the correct weight for your gas system and cyclic rate the buffer has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with select fire capability.. The parts that allow for select fire are the hammer, trigger, disconnector, auto sear, selector and bolt carrier. what you are talking about more then likely is this. http://www.slidefire.com/products/ar-platform/ssar-15-ogr
  2. Persephone

    AR-15 Charging Handle

    I use one of these badger ordinance latches on dpms charging handle. nothing special but I love the way it feels http://www.midwayusa.com/product/713034/badger-ordnance-tactical-charging-handle-latch-ar-15-lr-308-matte
  3. Persephone

    Choice of Lower

    I don't think who's lower you use will make a difference. If it's forged or billet aluminum then you're good to go. Like someone else pointed out most forged lowers are made from a handful of companies and then sold to companies like Bravo, mega and PSA. Any lower receiver machined to specification will do it's job it doesn't matter who rolled their logo on it.
  4. Persephone

    Eat your heart out boys.......

    ooooh la la. I'm a sucker for damascus steel.
  5. Very nice looking rifle!
  6. Persephone

    OSS Suppressors

    I'd love to take a look inside one.
  7. Persephone

    Home Intruder is graveyard ded

    Hell yeah!
  8. Persephone

    Low profile gas bock

    Do you know what kind of barrel profile you have? A pencil profile will need a different gas block then a Heavy barrel for example. The outside diameter of the barrel is what you need the inside diameter of the gas block to be. The most common sizes are .750 and .625. but many sizes are available.
  9. Persephone

    Safeside Tactical AR ???

    I hate hearing "mil spec" as a push for one part/product being better then another. Mil spec is a list of requirements that mostly have to do with the materials used to produce parts (158 carpenter steel for the BCG, 4150 chrome molybdenum for the barrel, etc) and being able to pass certain inspections and durability tests. Enhanced/Match grade BCGs, stainless steel barrels, enhanced triggers are all not mil spec parts but can be considered superior to their run of the mill counterparts. The only place that mil spec really makes a difference is the buffer tube mil spec is 1.148" in diameter and commercial are 1.168". Any experienced armorer using quality parts from reputable manufacturers is going to produce a decent rifle it doesn't matter what company they work for.
  10. Persephone

    billet receivers

    what do you mean options and what are you using the rifle for?
  11. Persephone

    .22 conversion light primer strikes

    I made a piece to go into the buffer tube to keep the BCG from moving around and lubed it up real well and headed out to an area to shoot and only had 1 failure in 30 rounds so I might have solved it. I'll know for sure when I actually have some daylight and time to put a few hundred rounds through it. thanks for your help guys I'll try buzzing the chamber too. Is that just a cleaning rod or a bore brush on it?
  12. Persephone

    .22 conversion light primer strikes

    I was having trouble getting it to go into full battery but I was pretty sure that was when I was manipulating the charging handle. I'm not really sure if it was fully locked up all the time. I'll have to keep an eye on it next time I head to the range. I did notice some shiny spots on the bottom of the bolt right beneath the firing pin and this was a new conversion kit. So I suspect the hammer was hitting there at least a few times.
  13. I finally found some .22 lr to test out my Cmmg conversion kit the other day. Almost every 3-4 rounds I had a fail to fire, racked the charging handle and took a look at the rounds that failed and it looked like the firing pin wasn't even hitting the case. No dings at all. ammo was 40 gr remmington 5.56 fires fine. milspec trigger and hammer and milspec springs, nothing lightened. What do you guys think could be happening? I was considering bending the hammer spring to give it a harder strike but there has to be something I can do to the drop in kit since 5.56 has never had a fail to fire. edit: did some research and saw that this problem could be from the conversion carrier not fitting correctly and recoil making the carrier move. I'm pretty sure mine is fitting right up against the buffer and side to side play is non existent/minimal.
  14. Persephone

    I found gold!

    Called wally world instead of driving over. Employee at sporting goods dept said that they did get .22 in this morning and it was sold out by noon...just my luck
  15. Persephone

    Eagle Industries Plate Carrier

    I don't have any experience with plate carriers or armor... yet but what about cutting up a towel or similar piece of fabric to wrap around the plate or put behind it to give it a tighter fit. if the towel got wet would/could that affect the plate? I think steel would be fine if it's properly coated but I'm thinking long term exposure to moisture might be unhealthy for the layering in a level 3 or 4 plate.