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  1. So I wont damage the threads or the barrel if I force it another half a turn ?.
  2. I have never installed a muzzle brake before, but I decided to try and install the VG6 muzzle brake that I have had for a while. I got the original flash hider off, but when I went to install and tighten the new muzzle brake down, once I got it tight it was still about a half a turn from being lined up were it should be. It did come with a new crush washer that I was using, but once it was tight I didn`t want to force it any more. Do I need a different crush washer or a shim kit to install the new muzzle brake ?.
  3. Federal ammo is good ammo, but it can shoot dirty. I use federal ammo a lot, and it has been my experience that some of it will shoot really clean, and some of it shoots really dirty. I don`t know why that is, but that has been my experience with Federal ammo. That doesn`t keep me from using it though. Its nothing to worry about.
  4. If you over oil you`re ar15 you get some oil on your face with the first few shots fired. Also, if you are using some really cheap ammo that shoots dirty, you can get some unburned powder in the face as well. I have had both of these happen, but its no big deal.
  5. Try Delta Team Tactical, they have some good prices on there free float rails.
  6. I can get 16 magazines in a standard 50 cal ammo can, and that works for me. Its also heavy enough at that. An ammo can with 31 magazines is not something I would not want to carry very far.
  7. I figured most would say get the B.A.D. ambi safety, but I wanted to ask anyway. Come payday I will order it.
  8. I need to know if this is a good quality ambidextrous safety selector ?. I have been looking at this selector, as well as the Battle Arms Bad Ass safety selector. Which one of these selectors is the better choice ?. I am a left handed shooter with a right handed AR 15 that I am trying to make a little more user friendly.
  9. I have a Stag AR 15 with a 1/9 twist barrel, and I shoot standard 55gr ammo, and 62gr green tip ammo, and I have never had a problem with either one. Give it a try, it should work quite well for you.
  10. I use hoppes #9 to clean my AR 15, then a little slip 2000 ewl were needed.
  11. I would never trust one, or waste my money on one.
  12. Give it a good cleaning, and look over all of the parts to see if its anything obvious, like a bent charging handle, or a broken or worn bolt catch.
  13. Its good to hear that there are no problems with this shotgun. I have done a little searching online and havn`t found much info on it, and there is only a few videos on youtube, and that`s it.
  14. I am thinking about buying a Remington 1100 Tac 2 12 gauge, does anyone have any experience with this shotgun ?, any pros or cons with this model ?.
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