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  1. I picked up an Esstac kiwi, 3 mag pouch for my plate carrier. Other than being slightly difficult to attach, they seem pretty solid
  2. Gundeals.net has tool crafts listed for right around $70-80
  3. Not that it makes it ok, allegedly she lied about her age. Age of consent where this supposedly happened is 17.
  4. I looked up Nashville after I posted that last night. 350 Miles
  5. This apply to strictly the FNS series? I have a FNX
  6. Illinois member get together!
  7. Rate this one: https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Boker-Plus-Savior-1-Rescue-Knife-Black-Plain-Blade-p/bok-01bo320.htm
  8. Theyve since issued a statement: apparently their reporter in this clip was exhausted from the constant reporting in the elements ANd he was on wet grass, and the two seen walking in the clip were walking on concrete
  9. To quote a butthole surfers song....shoulda been a better shot and got him in the head
  10. Are bokers pretty good? In Joe bob outfitters sale emails, they usually have bokers listed. Relatively cheap. Was wondering about the quality. I lost my pocket knife after I left it on a trailer chassis at Norfolk southern-calumet
  11. Im wanting to do the same thing to consolidate my pistol calibers. I have a G22 and would rather have a G17. I also thought all you had to do was change mags, barrel, and possibly guide rod/spring
  12. College game is much better viewing. Players actually play the game. They dont take plays off. If they do, that redshirt sophomore will come in and take their spot.
  13. No prob. I go to that gun deals site several times a week, although Ive never used to for a purchase. Go figure
  14. I go to those rails every day. Theres reposted that thefts occur pretty frequently. Theres areas of certain rail yards you need to be careful of going to at night. Nefarious things happen in those Aras. Think it was last summer a container was broken into and several firearms were stolen. Think it happened at the Norfolk Southern 63rd street rail
  15. Youre welcome....if the deal is still available https://www.smga.com/p-104724.aspx?searchEngineName=kimber-3200320-pro-carry-ii-two-tone A most comprehensive list of deals: https://gun.deals/category/hand-guns?caliber=4
  16. Go to hyattguns.com. Put a Pro on layaway. Pay 50/wk on it until its paid off. I still havent shot mine since I paid it off in June. Been meaning to.
  17. Im making nearly, notice I said nearly, double what I made the last year I taught school (2013). Still home every night. Pick up a load in SE Wisconsin, run it down to the Chicago railyards, pick up a load from one of them, return back to SE Wisconsin
  18. Ive been looking at similar items. Kinda interested in those police trade in as well
  19. Security guard at the Walmart dc I deliver to (beaver dam, wi) said that a little while back Walmart made changes to their companybfleet. Knock drivers down to somewhere around .30/mile, cut a bunch of benefits, and took away a lot of dedicated runs. Guard said they lost around 2700 drivers. I have seen a lot of outside carriers pulling WM trailers lately. Dont know how much truth there is to what I was told. I havent actually talked to any of the WM drivers to get their take.
  20. Did elogs have anything to do with your decision?
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