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  1. Ok guys. Thanks for the great advice. I will check out rainer arms first thing . However after alot of research i have decided 2 things. I want a 14.5 barrel with compensator to make the 16 inch. And i been looking at the 14.5 Noveske Afgan upper and then build from there up. What do you think? Is it work taking part of noveske or all noveske? (even thou that is a little out of my budget)
  2. Thanks for the advice. With the 14.5 barrel am i ok legal wise? I live in Washington state and am not sure about the specifications
  3. So i know that alot of people ask what is the best AR-15 and the question is really subjective. I am just getting into AR's and was now gonna purchase my own black rifle.I want to build it from scratch, so here is my question. What are some of the best upper and lowers i can slap together? All i want for now really is a upper, lower and fold up front and rear sight. We're talking Wilson Combat and Larue Tac quality. Please help me since i want to purchase soon. All advice is very much appreciated
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