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  1. It was not stated that it was sold. Mudbug gave you a bump and put you to the top of the forum...
  2. I'd be happy to do $75 shipped, but am willing to barter ... If you have anything you are trying to get rid of we could probably work a trade out too. I am open to any trades, but here are thing's I'm in the market for now: -5.56 barrel 16" -One piece 30mm mount, such as a Burris PEPR, LaRue QD-LT104, or the American Defense Recon mount in 30mm -Magpul MOE or CTR in Black or OD (commercial) -Magpul MIAD or MOE grip in Black or OD Just got one... -Magpul ASAP plate, or similar -A single point sling -Pmags, 20 or 30's -New flash supressor(Phantom, AAC, Talon) -Midwest Industries T rail free float 12", DD Omega 12" -Magpul XTM rail covers, Black and OD -Butler Creek flip-up scope caps -Magpul BAD -BCM Gunfighter charging handle If you cant tell I just started a new build :D
  3. Really good deal. Wish I had the funds The 5.45 AR's always appealed to me. If you decide to piece it out and sell parts shoot me a PM. Thanks and good luck with the sale
  4. I have a GripPod Systems Vertical Grip/ Bipod that I am willing to part with. It is the Military version with the steel reinforced legs. Exactly the same as this one - GPS Vert Grip/Military/Black The only problem is that they are quite pricey - Brownell's Pricing It has been used on two or three outings to the range, pretty much in new condition (Pics can be posted if you are interested)
  5. Sorry, funds went to another purchase. PM me if you have still not made the sale in the next few days
  6. I have this YHM Rear BUIS... It has seen light use. They go for around $80 new. What's it worth to you? (I can post pics if you would like)
  7. I really wish I had somewhere I could use these. If I did I would grab a set. Good luck on the sales
  8. Willing to trade? I have this YHM Rear BUIS... It is used but not abused (I can post pics if you are interested)
  9. Haha me too! Stupid California
  10. I would love for the ridiculous laws to change so I could have a full capacity mag and no bullet button!
  11. -How do you and your wife like the little Prismatic? I've been thinking about putting one on my 7.62x39 build.
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