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  1. Hi RW. Your situation convinced me to finally become a member. I just wanted to share my Omega experience with you. I bought a used omega on gun broker about 2 years ago. When I recieved it, it appeared to be unfired. I loaded 50 light rounds and 20 full power loads and headed to the range. After 50 light loads, no problem, 3 or 4 hot ones broke the ramp off the guide rod assembly. After unsuccessfully searching for parts, I saw a post saying that springfield will indeed warranty these guns. I called them and asked for Dave Williams (the post mentioned his name, turns out he runs the custom shop, He's a great guy by the way). Yes they had some parts, no they won't sell them, yes they will fix it. I sent my "gun parts" (to save money) and I think I had it back in about 2 weeks. I have since shot several hundred rounds of medium and full power loads thru it with no problems. Springfield covered the return shipping, they might have covered the original shipping if I had thought to ask. Shoot your Omegas guys. Having a gun this nice and not shooting it is like marrying a supermodel and never touching her!
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