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  1. Most of the problems are with the base models. The Elite and Match models do not have the slide cracking issues, etc, etc. They also do have better features. And you may or may not have the issues with the magazine follower -- YMMV.
  2. FWIW, I ordered two MetalForm magazines from Brownells. The Golden Sabers feed fine in those. The magazines look identical to the Kimber.
  3. I'll get a new mag spring and a new mag catch. My mag catch is the old type anyway. Even though my mag is inserted, I can still push up on it and it moves up 1/8 inch.
  4. I thought about that too, but didn't get to it yet. I was going to test the mag spring first, by adding a block, and effectively reduce the capacity. Do you think that will simulate a stiffer spring? I forgot to add to my original post that I do have the +20% recoil springs. Do those cause a faster moving slide?
  5. Upon further inspection, it seems I have the old magazine catch. The magazine rattles. I need to buy the new redesigned magazine catch. Costs $30 friggin bucks.
  6. My Witness still has some fail to feeds. Most of the time when I shoot it, the slide goes back with the recoil and comes forward, but does not feed a new cartridge. It is almost as if the magazine were too low and the slide doesn't feed it forward. Some times when it does feed, only the tip of the cartridge will enter the chamber, but the brass is stuck and keeps the slide stuck open. On the last 2 or 3 rounds, it feeds perfectly fine. I already have polished the ramp. The magazine is a newer type magazine that is supposed to be fixed. When I insert the magazine, I can grab the base of the magazine and when I wiggle it forwards and back, I can see that the feed end of the magazine moves opposite. It is definitely loose. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, sometimes when shooting, the magazine would fall out by itself.
  7. I have a Kimber Eclipse Custom II and I love it. It did have an out-of-spec slide stop. Kimber had a batch of slide stops manufactured by a subcontractor and they made it slightly too thick, which locks the slide open just like when you run out of ammo. When I found out about it, Kimber quickly sent me a new one which solved the FTL (fail to load) problems. It is accurate and fun to shoot. Oh and one more thing, the finish on it is not durable at all. Other than those two minuses, everything else about it is great. As for the EAA Witness, if you like to tinker and take chances, it can be a great gun. You just have to polish the feed ramp, replace the springs, and exchange magazines (with EAA) to get it to work. Once it works reliably, it's a great gun. Can't beat the price. And as for the slide cracking, it's not all of them. It is just a certain batch of them that had the problem, although if you call EAA, they don't know which series of serial numbers are the bad ones. The good thing is, they now acknowledge the problem and will replace your slide if it cracks on you. My serial number is at least 10k higher than the ones posted in the other thread, so I'm taking my chances.
  8. Do you think EAA will replace a Wonder finish slide even though it has not cracked, as a preventative measure? UPDATE: I called them and this is what they said. EAA will not replace the slide if it has not cracked, because not all of them will crack. But if it did crack, just send the entire gun to EAA and they will replace the slide. And she even assured me the gun will not blow up in my face. She said, if it did, they would have already recalled the gun. It is not a catastrophic failure, that is why there is no recall. Just be sure to inspect the slide for hairline cracks, as that is how they will start.
  9. That's what I was thinking initially, the OAL. I was thinking there would be a different fix. Next time I'll ensure he makes them shorter for me. Meanwhile, looks like I'll have to use something else in my Kimber then. Thanks.
  10. Do any of you have problems loading Underwood golden sabers into Kimber magazines? With mine, it looks like the "square" profile of the golden saber bullet does not fit well with the curved front of the Kimber magazine. When trying to load the third cartridge into the magazine, the bottom round jams and I can't get anymore in. Even removing the top cartridge doesn't allow the loaded cartridges to come back up. This is a new magazine that came with the gun. Any ideas how to alleviate this issue, or do I just have to use other hollow points in this magazine?
  11. I figured having SA make a 10mm would be the best bet, but I don't think they think the 10mm is popular enough for them to create one. It would be great if they did though.
  12. Has anybody thought about or done a Springfield XD(m) 45ACP to 10mm Auto conversion? I searched and couldn't find anything on the forum. It seems like it's feasible. The OAL of the 10mm (1.26") is very close to the 45ACP (1.25"). Google doesn't come up with any barrel manufacturers who makes a 10mm for the XD(m).
  13. Another way to purchase a handgun that is not on the CA Handgun Roster is to go through a process called the Single-Shot Exemption. Basically, what it is, you have an FFL 07 convert the handgun to single-shot, then you can purchase it. Once you purchase it and take delivery of the handgun, whatever modifications you do it is on your own. There is a sticky on the Calguns.net handguns subforum with all the details, including which shops do it.
  14. Those are very convincing reasons to get the Eclipse. Truthfully, your arguments about the needing adjustable sights push me over the fence towards the Eclipse. LOL ... I can't get both. I just wanted to know which to get. It seems I do like the Eclipse more because of the finish and the night sights. I might end up getting the Eclipse because of the features versus cost then.
  15. Too pretty, that's all. I just hate to get it all scratched up. I am very protective of my personal property, but sometimes the inevitable happens and you just can't help it.
  16. Where do you guys get extra magazines? I've read that there are problems with the Kimber magazines. Is that true?
  17. Ugly it is. I wouldn't have any problems even if it did get beat up. That's why I considered it for a field gun. But that's also the problem too. I'm probably more unlikely to carry an ugly weapon -- less proud to own an ugly gun. I guess what I'm saying is, I would be more tempted to try and make it prettier before I carry it. Also, on the STI -- I'm in CA and won't be easy to get an STI.
  18. You do have a good point there though. I could pay more and get the Eclipse for the range and get a Glock for carry ... OR save money and just get the stainless for both. Anyway, what's the price difference? Is it just the features and finish or is there an entry-level model and an upper-level model?
  19. I'm concerned I might damage the finish or get dirt on it and make it jam or something like that. So there is no problem?
  20. I was out looking at Kimber 10mm's yesterday and luckily, my local shop had two. They had an Eclipse Custom II for about $1200 and a Stainless Target II for $950. The Custom II had fixed night sights and the Target had adjustable sights (not dots). Other than the finish and the sights, what are the differences of the two? Which one is the "lower" model? Yes, I asked the guy, but he was telling me the similarities and differences only and he was brief. I want to know what the actual differences are. Mainly, I want to know the reasons for the price difference. Also, would anybody carry either of these Kimbers for hunting? It would be part-open, part-brush terrain. If not, I will probably get a Glock 20SF for carry.
  21. No kidding... and I was just trying to convince my friends (who hasn't heard of WD yet?) to watch it, and them blamo! The sorriest episode of WD thus far comes out.
  22. Upon further and closer inspection, I found that part of the slide stop is pressing down on the follower. The slide stop does not allow the follower to fully extend upwards. This is a warranty replacement magazine. In this picture, you can see the magazine has no space between the follower and the magazine top. With the magazine inserted and the slide locked back, you can see the problem. The slide stop is preventing the follower from extending all the way up. Also, there is a noticeable gap between the follower and the top of the magazine. Now, for the question: Do I grind down the magazine follower or the slide stop? I don't have any other magazines to play with so I don't know if it's just this magazine.
  23. Okay, I took a look at it and my mag is not fully seated, like the last picture on your page. Do you think sanding it would help? Here is my pic:
  24. I currently have a Wonder finished EAA Witness 10mm. It currently has just FTF problems as I have only put through about 100 rounds through it. From reports and reviews, it seems the base Witness model has lots of problems. However, other reviews seem to say the Elite models do not have the same problems. I will do more work on it to try and make it more reliable. Even if I have to, it will be just a safe queen. I would like to keep a 10mm Witness pistol, because I love the way it looks, its ergonomics, etc. I just want it to be more reliable. I don't really intend to carry it, but it would be nice to have it as an option. I am interested only in a double-action pistol, so that eliminates the single-action only models. So, without steering me away from the Witness pistols, are the Limited and Stock models better, or are they plagued with the same problems? What about the Hunter model? Are the 10mm magazines interchangeable.
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