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  1. yellowshaker

    First Gun of the Year!

    That's what I'm talking about! Nice rifle!
  2. yellowshaker

    New to the Forums...

    Ok, so that's it? The brake won't be in the way of the handguards being installed? I was reading a build and the guy said he had to remove the brake before taking the hand guards off the rifle. This didn't make sense to me at the time, but then again, I have not done this before.
  3. yellowshaker

    New to the Forums...

    Great link! Thank you. Now I have another question. Being in NJ, it is not legal to have a gun with a removable brake, which I am sure you all know. How would one go about buying all the components to build a new rifle without it being illegal. When I bought my RRA, it was ordered through an FFL, and was obviously built to NJ specs...me buying thre components individually would be a different scenario though. I am sorry if this question has been covered, I simply cannot find all the answers through a search.
  4. yellowshaker

    New to the Forums...

    Thanks alot! You know, I have been reading through threads about building an AR, and I am starting to think I really would have a lot of trouble doing this...being in NJ. The fact that you have to attach the muzzle brake after everything else is done means that it will then need to be pinned and welded permanently in place. This would probably mean going to a gun smith regardless of wanting to do a build on my own. Am I wrong here?
  5. yellowshaker

    New to the Forums...

    Ok, here ya go then. LOL
  6. yellowshaker

    New to the Forums...

    LOL, good eyes brother. thanks for the welcome guys. Hope to learn a lot here.
  7. yellowshaker

    New to the Forums...

    I was in the market a while back for an AR and found this forum. I had purchased the RRA AR last year and wanted to add a couple of things to it. I added a front grip, ARMS 40L buis, and Eotech's MPO II combo package to it. I am hoping to get some time to get to a range in the near future and try it out. I see that there are many knowledgeable folks here and I hope to learn from you all. In the future I would like to buy another AR, or perhaps learn enough so that I can build one myself.
  8. yellowshaker

    RRA LAR 15 Twist???

    Thanks for the replies. You guys are right, it is stamped on the barrel. Don't know what I was thinking, but I never even thought to check....In any case, I am obviously new to the AR and want to learn as much as possible about it. I am seeing that with the 16.5 barrel and 1:9 twist, some ammo will work better than other. Though, research is telling me the 1:9 will accept a greater range of ammunition. I like this forum and hope to learn from you guys. I just ordered the Eotech MPO II for the rifle as well. Has anyone here used the CG&G lens cover? It looks like a nice piece to keep out dust and protect the lens of the eotech.
  9. yellowshaker

    RRA LAR 15 Twist???

    Hello everyone. I have been doing alot of reading about different ammunition for my RRA Tactical Operater. I know that everyone has their own opinions on what works best and it also depends on what we are using it for. With that said, my question is what twist is my barrel? On RRA website, it says I have a 1:9 twist barrel. However, in my instruction manual it states that each barrel is 1:7 twsit. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  10. yellowshaker

    New AR Owner neds help with optics

    I know a scope is great for dedicated long shots, but I really want something for CQ and then maybe sometimes longer shots. I think the Eotech is right for me...only thing I need to figure out is what model to get and which BUIS that will be low enough to fit with the magnifier in place. I know I have seen this combination, but can't remember what the guy had. I am planning to lose the carry handle once I get the new goodies....any suggestions on models?
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and was hoping you guys would help me out with my new RRA rifle. I am including a pic of what I have so you can help me out with some options. I am looking to add an eotech with magnifier and flip to side mount. I know there are alot of other options like the ACOG, but I think this set-up would be to my liking. Things I want are the BDC option, if possible, and I want to have a BBUIS that would fit with these items installed. Can you guys point me in the right direction of how to go about doing this? Thanks alot for any input. I appreciate it.