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  1. It's different enough from the thread in PA. I'll let it ride here.
  2. Dupe http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/133986-the-2a-and-the-candidate-we-really-want/?hl=virtual&do=findComment&comment=2184993
  3. Lazy, incompetent and couldn't hack it in the private sector huh? Like you would ever last a freaking second in a private sector job. Period. End of story. Is there waste? Again, yes. I deal with it all the time. To insinuate that all are useless is ignorant beyond comprehension to anyone with any common sense. I can understand if you're just playing ignorant here, but you are just plain ignorant.
  4. I don't disagree with that. However, my points were in response to what you said previously, as quoted above. And I've worked in both the private sector and government and there is a LOT of waste going on in the private sector. The saying 20% of the people do 80% of the work is very much true in the private sector, particularly in the field that I work in. Is it as much in government? Probably, but the private sector isn't as efficient as you're making it out to be. I have PERSONAL experience in both and that's my point.
  5. I never said there isn't waste in government. I said that there is waste everywhere! Go back and reread what I wrote in the post you quoted and what I posted previously. No assistance from government? Ok. So you don't drive on city or state highways? You own your water supply? You own your own waste/sewer system?
  6. I've bought tons of AR mags from 44mag and they've always had good prices, usually lots of stock and fast and reasonable shipping. I will continue to buy mags from them. It's amazing that just because they offer a few items at prices that someone isn't willing to pay that they call for boycott. How do you know what prices they are getting the mags for? During the height of the rush, people were bashing a LGS on the prices of their mags. Well, the distributors were jacking up the prices. The LGS even let you see their invoices if you wanted. People complain that the LGS didn't have any mags in stock and then they complained about the prices when the LGS brought them in. What did they expect, for the LGS to take a LOSS? Hell, the LGS needs to make a profit. Need the mags right now, you're going to have to pay the price? Don't like the price, either wait or go without the mags. It's not like anyone else has those mags in stock.
  7. No. Just how Sarge if full of it, as usual. Talking out of his arse and with NO first hand knowledge of what he's speculating on. His perception is the truth and it's not wonder it's so messed up. Want to talk about waste? People who complain about the government, yet use the infrastructure, assistance, etc that they provide.
  8. Ever see private construction companies doing roadway work? You'll notice similar. Yes, there is waste in government work, but there are inefficiencies everywhere.
  9. You were kidding, right? You know what you know, don't confuse you with the facts. And as you always do to others here, why aren't you answering EODK9's question? You're being WAY to polite here GL, but that's expected of someone who shows class and respect in their actions.
  10. He survived hell in the Battle of Okinawa and this happens!?!? Hoping they find these scum soon!
  11. HUGE Yep, NYC should be a freaking model for the rest of the US to follow. Good one.
  12. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a Staff Member. Reason: null If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, AR15Armory.com Staff
  13. Got one running about this already. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/139676-dicks-sporting-goods-is-back/
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