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  1. ooNICEoo


    dont tempt me lol
  2. ooNICEoo


    as i continue to buy parts for my ar. im realizing how i just want to spend more to really get top quality. when i first sought out to purchase my first ar. i was was looking at spending right at 1k. so as i researched i found that i should just build my own. thanks ar15armory.com lol! this is just the thing to suck me in. learning something i did not know. im all about that. so the last 4 weeks ive been spending all my free time researching, and shopping im sure others have been there lol. but heres the kicker...i already want to build another one. HA! parts shipped: noveske 14.5 light carbine upper noveske striped lower jp 3lb one stage trigger $1300 lol
  3. ooNICEoo

    Time to build a Dissy!

    looks awesome!
  4. ooNICEoo

    JP trigger systems

    thnx for the info. think ill probably just go with it. cant beat it for a round $100
  5. anyone familiar with these? or if you would recommend them? down to my last few parts to purchase and this is a important one. http://www.jprifles.com/
  6. ooNICEoo

    Smith and Wesson vs RRA vs Colt

    bilbro, i was looking at colt before i decided to build my own. you cant go wrong with colt. its been proven time and time again.
  7. ooNICEoo

    new to the ar world

    yes it did :/ was going to build the upper for that very reason. but the parts i wanted were hard to find. then i stumbled across this complete upper for $1000. so i couldnt resist lol. probably best i bought a complete upper for my first ar lol
  8. what do yall think about the Geissele Super Semi Auto Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger? im thinking about buying a LPK with it included for $239. this ar will be doing all types of shooting.
  9. ooNICEoo


    thnx for all the links. exactly what i was looking for. and i did look hard lol. love this forum
  10. ooNICEoo


    think i might have found something that will work just fine. if i can get them to change the color lol http://palmettostatearmory.com/1592.php
  11. ooNICEoo


    anyone know where to find lpk minus grip and trigger??
  12. ooNICEoo

    new to the ar world

    just a heads up i ended up purchasing a noveske afgan stainless 14.5 upper today. be here om tues. supper stoked!
  13. ooNICEoo

    new to the ar world

    yo thanks for all the info. really helps to make that final BIG decision. and studying and list etc etc. got all that down lol. and if i dont feel comfortable w/ my gun show purchase (if i can even find one lol), i will just walk. and if i do build from scratch. the only thing i dont have is the wrench. sucks to hear i wouldnt really save that much money if i build. but would be far more interesting to learn. thnx again guys!
  14. ooNICEoo

    new to the ar world

    one quick question. what are the chances of the finishes not matching if i get a different manufacture lower?
  15. ooNICEoo

    new to the ar world

    for me its probably going to come down to bmc or noveske. depending on how much i really want to drop. im really hoping to find something at the gun show. hard to find deals online for uppers. specially for those manufactures. not really worried about mu stripped lower. almost all the same lol.