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  1. gd59fifty

    My New/ Latest .308 Build

    Hey bud sorry for the late response Hmm I am actually in this for around $6K but again this is the one AR-15 - Ive Ever Got that Pricey on but I'd say around $2K Area Tops after attachments , scopes , Etc. is my go to Spending Amount for normal builds/buys but I just needed that one piece of art. for this one
  2. Any New Yorkers On Here Lately I see a few were on in the past but Didnt know if anyones active ????? Be Nice to shoot the shat and BS about local nonsense and restrictions we deal with if so let me know ;) My Name Is Greg D _ Im from Long Island (Nassau County) in NY
  3. Hey Guys bored in a snowstorm over this way in NY and figured I share my current Collection to date. I hope this New Year brings everyone more Rifles !!! Its nothing crazy Im sure alot of you guys have alot more rifles just figured I would share, I do my best in my custom builds and customizing my name brands as well. I Live in NY when you see the nub grips maybe you feel my pain for a second FML. Its the (safe act they passed) with 3 crappy things new restrictions - no hand grip, no grip on rail, and no flash on barrel. However I do have regular grips for each gun but wouldn't put them on unless I was out shooting for the in certain areas. Hope you enjoy !!! (Favorite Custom Build In .308 MY Pride And Joy This One Hurt The wallet) (Custom Build .223 In Black / Red This Is my Biggest Bling Gun Im sure you can tell lol) (2nd Full custom 2Toned) (My M&P) (The Rifle on left is same as first picture and rifle on right is NOT mine) (My Stag Model 2)
  4. gd59fifty

    New 308 Build

    Beautiful Gun
  5. gd59fifty

    My New/ Latest .308 Build

    thanks for Complements Brothaman
  6. gd59fifty

    My New/ Latest .308 Build

    Thank For The Complements and yes I live in New York and You need that tiny grip for your rifle to be compliant for the state but i have regular ones for all if i ever go on land just for gun safe and local ranges I like to be safe then sorry. its not comfy and in my opinion less safe
  7. gd59fifty

    My New/ Latest .308 Build

    Thank you so much for the Complements, And yes NY is horrible when it comes to AR-15s Features or really any gun In this State But I do have the regular grips for everything i throw it on if Im shooting on land , But when in Gun safe at home or Local Ranges thats what It has to be from any new purchsse on
  8. gd59fifty

    My New/ Latest .308 Build

    Thanks for the Complement and I live In NY and the laws here are horrible however i do have Regular grips to use when or if i am shooting privetly but in the Gun safe at home and at local range we have to use that. Look Up New York Safe Act for more info
  9. gd59fifty

    My 2nd Latest Custom .223 Build

    Thanks For the Complement and yea its my 1 Loud and Flashy AR. Im an All Black kind of guy, NY laws are horrible but I try to make up for it in unique builds.
  10. gd59fifty

    My 2nd Latest Custom .223 Build

    Thanks Fellas
  11. gd59fifty

    My 2nd Latest Custom .223 Build

    Its My One Loud and Flashy Gun Im an All black color scheme kinda guy as well
  12. gd59fifty

    My 2nd Latest Custom .223 Build

    Yea man its just insane and not right or fair it was bad enough over here but the (New York Safe Act) Topped the cake.
  13. gd59fifty

    My 2nd Latest Custom .223 Build

    Thanks for the Complement And The Ar- Fires Great By The Way, --But Yea New York Sucks man it was already so bad For Firearms Especially with AR-15s and there features then the (The Safe Act) Came and we were screwed. But However I have regular grips for my Rifles so i put them on if Im shooting privately but when in gun safe and at local range need that horrable nub grip