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  1. jawalterusmc

    Who we got from GA?

    Athens, Ga checking in. Just joined today.
  2. jawalterusmc


    Just wanted to sign in and introduce myself. I haven't owned an AR since I retired 10 years ago. But over the years I have had the privelige of shooting other peoples weapons and finally convinced myself it was time for me to take the leap. I have fired so many different manufacturers and calibers, mostly current friends involved in Law Enforcement, or active duty and retired military in my NE Georgia area. We have a couple good gun stores in town but Clyde Armory was the place to go for me. Based on the different configurations of AR's I have fired, I purhased the LMT CGB 16 5.56. My wife contributed the Aimpoint Pro. Got everything sighted in last week and already fired my first 100 rounds. Hope to meet and greet fellow enthusiastics in the NE Ga area. I am really interested in building one from different uppers/lowers, in time, after firing and becoming more familiar with my current weapon. Hopefully with some help from the experts and insight from this forum, I will be able to build one soon. Will probably want to keep the same caliber 5.56/.223.