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  1. fredseviltwin

    Recent WAC gun show-Puyallup

    http://www.washingtonarmscollectors.org/ The Washington Arms Collectors shows are a great place to buy and sell firearms and other items. You must be a member to possess or buy firearms. . With a Washington concealed carry license the purchase of firearms from dealers is streamlined. Private party sales between members in the show are not restricted Of course the purchase of items other than firearms is not restricted. The sale of firearms outside of the show as in the parking lot is forbidden as are straw man purchases. Fred
  2. fredseviltwin

    Harley, Victory or Star?

    I believe in Harley-Davidson. The only brand for me. Resale value of any M/C is soft during this economic climate, but, I still believe in the long run that H-D holds up better than any other. I don't really like the "Revolution" liquid cooled engine as much as the air cooled engine. Regardless of which model one would choose, I recommend understanding the engine and drive. Much the same as the weapons you choose to own and operate. Mechanically the Air cooled H-D is simple. A close friend once said "Simplicity is the essence of good design". The basic design has changed very little: Overhead valve push rod actuated single, twin, or four cam 45 degree V twin. Chain drive primary constant mesh 5 or 6 speed transmission, chain or belt final drive. My background as a young man I had Honda's and Triumphs. I assembled my first Harley from a basket case (1942 WL 2 wheeler). In 1971 I tore down my Honda 305 on a sidewalk in San Fransisco and did a valve job with borrowed tools at a bike shop on Haight street. I Have sense then owned too many Harley's to count, Knuckle Heads, Pan Heads Shovel Heads, Evos, and Twin Cams. I even owned a 1968 XLCH at one point. Most of these have been apart and reassembled by me many times. I have come to realize that I would rather ride the bike than work on it. I ride a 2005 Police Electra Glide. I still carry tools and at times on long road trips I still break them out to tighten the loose fastener or change the oil. I can if needed take care of most anything that needs fixing. Now when you get into these OHC wet sump engines, I would bet that there is little you can do but change the oil and tighten some fasteners. Regardless of what you choose to ride, know this, "There are two kinds of riders, those that have gone down, and those that are going to go down." Don't take anything for granted, I have looked a diver in the eyes and still have them pull out in front of me. Practice avoidance, and stopping just as you practice your draw and your shooting skills. Rubber side down. Fred