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  1. It's been a little over a month now. Anyone applied recently?
  2. I don't think I can remove the nub because I think it keeps the barrel nut from backing off but I'm hesitant to alter the upper receiver like that.
  3. The way I see it it's either cut off the nub that keeps everything lined up, or cut a notch in the receiver. What do you think, Interwebs? It would seem that this receiver is designed for a delta ring and two piece handguard. For a reference as to what it's supposed to look like, look at how the black handguard fits on a normal receiver.
  4. Take a look at this. I don't know that I trust it. http://onlinegunclass.com/
  5. I've thought about Kahrs but I've heard them talked about similarly to Kel-Tecs. They fit my criteria for caliber, price and size but I haven't shot one enough to change my opinion. An opinion that was formed when I worked at a gun store and was told to push more expensive guns on customers by down playing Kahrs. So I'm admittedly biased.
  6. The only reason I'm on the 40 cal bandwagon is because I had a boatload given to me and can get more when I want it. ...but also because 9mm is just an overgrown .380
  7. Good to hear you liked the shield, I haven't heard much about them and haven't shot one myself. I'll confess that one of the reasons I want one so bad is because I have an M&P 15X, M&P 40, Bodyguard .380 and Bodyguard 38, it started as coincidence but I like Smith and Wesson so much I'd like to stick with them.
  8. Maybe this instead? http://www.amazon.com/Sightmark-Sight-Magn..._hu-rd_add_1_dp Any thoughts?
  9. I'm thinking about getting a Vortex Strikefire, anybody used one or heard anything good or bad about them? I'm also looking at a Lucid red dot.
  10. Looks like I answered my own question twice. A flashlight helped me see that there is a flat spot. Thanks fellers!
  11. But what about the safety itself keeps the mechanism from moving? When I put it all together the only thing on the safety seemed to be the groove and places for the detent to seat.
  12. I'm sittin here looking at the guts of my lower and can't figure how on earth the safety selector being horizontal keeps the hammer from dropping. If it wasn't round and had a flat side I would assume that in one position it would block the mechanism and in the other position it would allow it to pass, but that's not the case and I need to be learned up.
  13. I have, I just bought my girlfriend a S&W Bodyguard 38 to purse carry. I plan on carrying it to see how I like it before I decide.
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