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  1. Bought a used scope off of him. Only gripe outside of the explained scratches with a small dent that I didnt know about. Quick shipping, good to communicate with..
  2. Don29Palms, At this point its my only alternative. I obviously dont want another but if they replace it with a brand new one. I can sell and upgrade...Thanks
  3. "How anyone expects a $150.00 'scope' to compete with a real tac scope is beyond me." Louie, I NEVER ONCE said i wanted a 150 scope to COMPETE with anything. My question clearly was asking if it was TOAST, DONE, BROKE etc. Thats all. Only an idiot would assume that a $150 scope will "compete" with a $2000 scope....please
  4. Im new to optics but I hvae a cheaper scope on my AR and after shooting the other day I noticed that the crosshairs had moved to the side a bit. I was thinking that the rings had loosened up from the recoil over time etc. So I loosed it up and straightened out the crosshairs. Low and behold now that the crosshairs are straight, the turrets are not lined up and are over to the side like 3/4". Any thoughts ? Is this scope now junk or should I say more junk than it was when it was new ?
  5. Its strange I only see the Cabellas AE .55 for 7.99 a box, not the $5 something i see quoted above. Which puts 1000rounds at that price WAY above $265????????????
  6. One last question I forgot to ask. Do you have the scope end covers that came with it? Thanks
  7. Any northern Maine shooters out there frequenting this website ?
  8. I wish I could!!! Those are out of my price range :(
  9. Im looking to put my first scope on my AR and wondering if this would fit a Mueller Eradicator scope Link to Scope Dimensions Thanks in advance
  10. Waiting for images and still interested in this scope if its in perfect working condition through the glass.
  11. I purchased a DPSM AR-15 basic... Ive never shot a gun untill this weekend when ive spend 6 hours shooting on Saturday and Sunday. There are alot of questions that I have, that I cant seem to find (dumb possibly to you) answers to.. I want a new quad rail but im unsure the diffference between free float and the not , can someone explain that ? Im going to buy a mueller eradicator scope for target shooting downrange but im unsure what to buy to attatch it. And i also want a verticle foregrip. My goal will be to have the stock, grip and quad rail in Dark Earth shades.... Any advice and help will be appreciated... Thanks again.
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