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  1. Javelin

    Weekend Kill pics

    November 7, 2003......sorry, Neil....this thread was screaming' for a pic, and I couldn't resist. Thanks for the compliments, all. He's a 4 1/2 year old 9 pt., 'green scored' 134, net P&Y 128 even. Dressed weight 228. Taken at 8 yards w/Mathews Conquest Light, NAP 125 SpitFire. That deer provided the most delectable venison I've ever eaten. Believe it or not, we just finished the last roast off that bad boy tonight!! A testament to my processor, who does a fantastic job.
  2. I'm a SpitFire fan, mostly due to the tuning issue as my set-up is beyond finicky. They really do a helluva job on deer, and provide a wicked blood trail. I lob big sticks (32" - 2514), and use the 125 gr. heads. Certainly the key is stickin' em in the right spot, and the mechanical b/h gives me the consistency with my set-up to be confident to do that.
  3. Javelin

    Weekend Kill pics

    Not necessarily "last weekend".....but......
  4. Javelin

    AR15 Picture Thread

    Thanks, Jay.....hope to hang around for a while. You folks are doing a great job with this site. I'll 'pony up' for a membership soon....I like it here.
  5. Javelin

    What is your perfect home defense carbine?

    Just posted in the pic thread, but what the hey...... Some of your goodies in this recipe, Paul.
  6. Javelin

    AR15 Picture Thread

    Testing 1 . 2 . Test . Check, Check, Test...... Homebrew.... Eagle Arms Lower RRA Upper RRA Chrome lined M4 Profile 1x9 PB barrel Colt SP1 stock Samson MRFS-C w/Magpul ladders and covers ARMS 40A BUIS EOTech 552 GGG VFG G27 grip Light - SF 6P w/mods on a YHM single slot / Weaver ring CQB 3 point sling has since been replaced with a Wilderness - Giles 3 point
  7. Javelin


    Thanks for the "welcome", gents......appreciate the opportunity to participate. Site looks great.
  8. Javelin

    What's your setup?

    Mathews Conquest Lite (circa 1997) 32" / 70# OEM TM type rest w/overdraw Dusk Devil II sight Qwikee Quiver 2514 XX75 Aluminum logs 125 gr. SpitFires TruFire X-caliper Pro release
  9. Javelin


    Javelin's in......"made meat" last Friday.