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  1. KayRock

    Ammo boxes, misc stuff for sale

  2. KayRock

    WTS:NIW Grip Pods

    any body pick up one of these
  3. KayRock

    Vortex Sparc

    when i was looking for mid-priced optic i went with the vortex sparc, i threw it on my s&w mp15 .223/5.56 i had the same problem everytime I fired the weapon the sparc would turn off/on, luckily the reason i went with vortex was the review by Sturmgewehre on youtube. he stated that vortex' cs is second to none and he was right i sent back my sparc and within a few days got a brand new one (that works fine) with extra batteries. my only gripe is the bikini cover rips too easily and i havent been able to find an aftermarket replacement. but overall i am very pleased with vortex and the sparq
  4. KayRock

    20rnd magazines

    http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/index.php/pa...23556-ar15-mags they also have really good prices on ammo
  5. KayRock

    Triangular handguards

    can they fit on any ar-15/m4 rifles or does the rifle need a modification
  6. KayRock

    Help me choose a sling

    I too cant decide but im leaning towards the savvy sniper, my criteria is has to be a hybrid (1-2 point), and if price was no issue id get the tactical link http://www.tacticallink.com/Convertible_Sling.html, but for me its either the savvy or the tac-strap, iwas also looking at the condor s.t.r.y.k.e.
  7. KayRock

    Mission Spec IAS Sling Review

    im looking for a hybrid sling and the ias was one of them im torn between the ias, the savvy sniper quad, tacstrap, and tactical link hybrid, anybody have any info on the other ones
  8. I'd take one for free but i thought it might be a bit gimicky, is it actually fun to use
  9. KayRock

    what are your dream gun accessories

    3 round burst would be nice, when i can afford one id love an triji acog
  10. KayRock

    need a *cheap* carry handle

    Im looking for a used usgi carry handle as well, sent clyde armory an email and im awaiting there reply. I personally like the old school look of the carry handle even though i currently have a vortex sparc on my S&W M&P 15 MOE, i dont want a chinese pos but im contemplating the mako gsg carry handle