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  1. rcd567

    S&W 1066

    I have the same gun with the same issue. Did you find a solution? I did contact a smith that used to work on my duty gun which was a S&W 4567 (same frame size, 45acp) and he tells me 6 months. Really don't want to wait that long if I don't have to.
  2. rcd567

    10mm Carry

    What bullet is that you have loaded into your 40 and 10mm with the huge hollow point? Appears to be lead?
  3. rcd567

    S & W 1006-trigger job

    I carried a third gen. Smith & Wesson 45 for years as a LEO and I had my trigger work done at cylinder & slide. Improvement was about 50%. Well worth it because my life depended on that gun. I'd do it again today if I had one.
  4. I'm new here myself. I'd suggest you also look in the 10 Ring on Glocktalk.com I've got a 20sf. The sf stands for short frame. The grip is smaller, still not the size of an XD, but then Springfield doesn't offer a 10mm in an XD either. Not sure about cutting the magazine???? But hey, you buy it, it's yours to do whatever you want with it. I presently don't own a Lone Wolf barrel, but have read nothing but good things about them on Glocktalk. I plan on buying one. Hope this helps.
  5. I also am new to the 10mm. I've got a 20sf that I've run about 300 rounds of Remington 180 gr. MC. According to some sources, this is mild ammo so keep this in mind. I've got a slight bulge in my cases that I'm sure will come right out when I resize it. (I've literally shot 10's of thousands of 45 acp and have seen this type of bulge before) Money's a little tight right now, so I'm putting off a LW barrel and guide rod/spring replacement. But do plan on it sometime in the future. If I was to win the lottery I'd just get a LW stainless upper and be done with it. :oh yea: So far, I've only put night sites (trijicon) on it, but I picked it up from the dealer that way. From experience, my advise to anyone with a new gun, is to shoot the snot out of it before you start replacing a lot of stuff. I'm retired now, but I still get some rookies who call me asking advise and I tell them this. It's not the gun, nor the caliber, nor the accessories, that will bring you through a tough spot. It's the guy running the machine that makes the difference. Your mindset and ability to put rounds on target will win the day.