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  1. Thanks for the links guys! I appreciate it! Alden, I just called Russ Coley and man, he's a nice guy!
  2. Thanks for all of the help, gents! So mainly what differs in a good class to a bad class would be the information covered? And so the process of obtaining my firearm and license would be... - Take a CCW class - Complete the application for a license - Purchase my gun - Start joining clubs within my area?! I honestly cannot wait to start participating in IDPA type of stuff! Also, someone recommended that when submitting my application, that I could go to the ATF and get it processed within a day? Thank, again everyone!
  3. I live in Florida. Is there a licensed where you may carry across legal states? I mean, are there different class licenses for concealed carry? For example, if I was to get my license in Florida. Would I only be certified to carry it in Florida alone? Or would I be able to travel to other states that accept concealed carry? Also, does it matter which classes I attend? Is there a better or a worse one? Thanks for the reply dupa!
  4. Hello, again, ar15armory community! So I've been looking into getting my concealed carry license for a while now. Well, actually I've been waiting for it ever since I can remember! But, I'm not of legal age to own a handgun at the moment. I turn 21 in November, but I was wondering if I was able to get everything processed and purchased the day of my birthday. A few questions I have are... What's the full process of getting the license? I went to a local gun store and they gave me a package and told me to fill it out and sent me on my way. I was a bit confused by it, they didn't really tell me what the form was all about when I had asked. And reading from it, it's kind of hard to tell what they mean or are asking me to do. I feel like you have to be more knowledgeable about the law in order to figure it out. (Note: I assumed I would learn about it at a Concealed Carry Course?) Which leads to me the CCW class. From what I'm gathering, I purchase a voucher to take a class, then I take the certificate from that class and fill out some paperwork at the ATF and get processed? I guess I've just received a lot little bits and pieces of the process so it's all jumbled up in my head and I can't understand it all. Also, does it matter where you take the class? Someone had offered me a class for $42. Which seems cheap, because I thought it was $120 for the class? Thank you all for taking the time to read my thread. I hope I wasn't babbling too much, it's just that all of the information is being mixed up so it's hard to ask clear questions. I'll appreciate any help and guidance I may receive. Again, thank you.
  5. Hey, Squirrel! I'd definitely take a look at guided hunts. Though I wouldn't know here to look for one of those classes. I agree with the hands on type o learning. I was pretty much raised as a fisherman, so I know where to look for fish and where not to. It's definitely easier to learn and embed into your head when learning through activity rather than reading it somewhere. Especially if it's one of those old manual type of books that hardly have any pictures which leave it all to your imagination. I heard Georgia was good or hog hunting. But, things like skinning and keeping the meat clean, how to tell i it's good or bad meat, on the animal is stuff I would have to experiment on. I don't think reading would help much there, I've seen Youtube videos of it though. Then comes the rifle to use. It's like a whole new playing field compared to AR-15's!
  6. I appreciate the suggestion ex- us ranger! (By the way, my brother's trying to sign a Ranger contract in a few months!) shiz, I definitely won't be taking any easy ways out, in terms of optics, or items that will be used to protect my life, and others! I'm debating between the Aimpoint models. Most notably the Micro T-1 and Comp M4s. The ML3's and ML2's still seem to be used by a few people, but I'm assuming that they don't feel the need to change because they may be used to those models instead. But I won't really worry about optics until I actually purchase the rifle and get a few thousand rounds down range with the iron sights!
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone! I had to ask because when I was at the gun show, one of the salesmen told me to stay away from the Gen 4's and go for the Gen 3's instead!
  8. Fallkniven makes some quality knives. I would recommend an A1 if you were looking for something around the KA-BAR size.
  9. I'm also in a similar position, though I'm from Florida. I know of no one who hunts or approves of hunting for that matter. How would someone with hardly any knowledge of hunting go about learning?
  10. Ah, okay. Haha! Clever name. Thank you for clearing that up for me, newbe!
  11. Hey, again, ar15armory community! As I've just made up my mind recently on which rifle to purchase through the help of this wonderful community, I was wondering if I could ask for a bit more of your time. I need to purchase a sidearm as a CCW and an EDC. (Reason for the EDC is because I own a Maxpedition Sitka that I normally carry around with myself, which has a large compartment for a weapon, so size is less of an issue.) I have been debating between the Smith & Wesson M&P9/c and the Glock 19/26. Though I've favored the Glock 26 due to it's apparent reliability as a lightweight Concealed Carry Weapon. (If you have anything to say about the other firearms, please, do so.) Now that I've considered the Glock 26, I've watched, read, fired, and studied the handgun to the best of my knowledge. The issue is which Generation to purchase, the known and trustworthy Generation 3? Or the new and "improved" Generation 4? I hear that there really isn't much of a difference to the firearm mechanically/internally. Other than a nub on a part of the internal (which I forget), and other than that, cosmetic and versatility differences. (The magazine, enlarged magazine release, and the design in the grip itself.) But it's hard to decide, mainly because, do I want to go with the old reliable design? Or the new, not fully tested through time design. I would greatly appreciate anyone's two cents on the decision. Thank you!
  12. Thank you all again for all of the friendly replies! While the DD M4 does have a few more bells and whistles compared to the Colt 6920, since it will be my first rifle, I decided to go with the bare/stock rifle of the Colt instead. I do have one question though, I've seen the word KISS rifle used around a few forums. What does KISS stand for? I tried Googling it, but came up with no results other than links to other forums that used the word. It seems to relate to the basic rifle look/design.
  13. Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes! I'm glad to have found such a great community of firearm owners! I will definitely be in the process of looking for a deal on the Colt 6920 online! I decided to start with a basic rifle and work my way up, though it would be fun to build a custom AR, it probably wouldn't be the smartest choice for a beginner like myself, ha! I'll definitely stay away from that website asking for $1,700 for the rifle. But, again. Thank you all so very much, for making my decision that much easier. It's a pretty penny I'm spending, so I would like the rifle that experienced owners like yourselves would trust in. I'm ready to get that rifle and get some range time, I may need these skills to save a soldiers life one day!
  14. Hello, ar15armory! I'm new to the forums and fairly new to AR-15's. (I've only really started a thorough study of them in the past two weeks, so I can go to the gun show with a good amount of knowledge in case I make a purchase there.) So, on with the threads topic... I've been roaming around forums, as I've found that it is a very, very, good way to learn and communicate with others who share this particular hobby. I originally asked for helped on building a full upper assembly. (It was mainly questions on which barrel would be the best to match my needs). As a beginner, in never having owned a firearm of any sort, I've had a group of people recommend that I either purchased a complete upper and lower and just snap 'em together, or purchase a fully built rifle. I've leaned more to the fully built rifle, now that I've postponed a custom built AR-15. The recommendations were for the Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V1 (or the V5, I like the mid-length system), or the Colt 6920. Which most people seemed to be in favor of. Though my opinions are high for the Daniel Defense Rifle (after visiting their website and seeing that amazing torture test! I was pretty much sold!) but after hearing people say they would purchase the Colt over Daniel Defense, I had second thoughts, and I guess it would be nice to have a bone-stock AR (starting off with those original parts found on the M4 platform). So this would be my POU (Purpose of Use as Nutnfancy calls it!) I plan to take classes, such as the Red Back One and Magpul Dynamics classes. Possibly compete in USPSA's? (I honestly haven't done much research on this, I believe it may be referred to as 3-gun competition as well?) I would be doing it not so much as a serious competitor, but more of a way to actively train myself in manipulated these weapons, as well as an excuse for me to purchase ammunition to go plinking! So the rifle would be used to train me for combat uses (and things like WSHTF stuff, you know what I mean!) The rifle should, of course, be able to endure and withstand abuse and maintain it's reliability! Would that Colt be able to stand up to Daniel Defenses torture test? Also to note, I'm a student going for a A.S. degree in EMT. Which I will use that skill set to enlist in the Navy to try and graduate at the top of my class as a Corpsmen, to have a better chance of getting the job I want. (FMF Corspman) So it would be a good idea for me to be proficient with a weapon, if not a better shooter than some of those Marines! (After taking a few civilian classes of course). So, if you guys could please give me your opinions on the rifles, I would greatly appreciate it! My price range for a fully built rifle is around $1,500 - $1,600. Oh, and if you guys don't mind. What would be the price range for these two rifles? Apparently I could nab the Daniel Defense rifles for $1,200! But with the Colt, there was a site that I went to earlier today which had it for $1,700! Yikes! Thank you all for taking the time to read my AR-15/Introduction thread!
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