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  1. I think that exactly what I'm going to do. I'll just hold out on the benelli m4 and savage .308 and get it later. Thanks guys!
  2. Well like I said I'm new to the firearms so most of the 5.45 would be sent down range. I also plan on buying 10-15k rounds off the bat. That should last me a while. Oh and Hornady is about $18 for 50 right now
  3. I haven't slept yet so my math is probably wrong
  4. Well I was including shipping. :( 186 bucks to ship to me and that's for 10 1080rd cans
  5. Hey everyone I just joined and I live in Miami. I'm currently looking for a shop/gunsmith and range Thanks guys.
  6. Tulammo also makes the 5.45. I was actually looking at the Hornady and its selling for about 36 cents per bullet the surplus is 9 cents cheaper. And the barrel and bolt change is true. Lol I was thinking about that as I was looking at the ammo.
  7. I never really considered them not importing the 5.45. Very good point good sir. That is actually the make it or break it deal for me. But that leads me to another conundrum. Which brand to go with . I heard Bravo company was a good and so is Black Rain Ordnance. Any input on this?
  8. I wasn't sure of the ballistic differences between the 2 calibers. I was hoping to get some input on that.
  9. I'm in Miami and I dislike the gun ranges here as well. Looks like we are in the same boat
  10. I didn't know it was as cheap as the 5.45, because with $1500 I can buy a lifetime worth of 5.45x39
  11. Hi. So I'm pretty new to the Ar-15 community, well actually I'm pretty new to the firearms community and was curious about a few things. I was Looking at the S&W m&p cambered in the 5.45x39 round and was wondering. Would this be a round best served for protection or would I be better off with the 5.56 Nato round?
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