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  1. I recently bought this scope and i have to say I love it. Does anyone know what number the lens covers would be from butler creek Thanks in Advance
  2. I just looked at Harris' site and it confused me a bit. There are bipods that they indicate swivel, but also market a Picatinny rail adapter so there bipods can rotate?
  3. Well first I'd like to start of saying that I'm new into both the AR World and Guns as well. Moved out last week and went out and bought my first gun. I bought a Stag Arms Model-3 and it works great for me, but this last trip to the range made me realize that a bi-pod would need to be my next add-on. I was wondering what you guys thought would be a good choice for just being able to go out and up at a bench at the range. Being in College and money being tight I'm looking to keep things around or under $60 unless the price can be well justified for one above that. Thanks in Advance
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