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  1. As said above it shouldn't fit loosely. The best barrels for fit are Bravo Company have to tap them in.
  2. gshayd

    Mask Fallacy

    I wear one to get to go see the Doctor. When I was in the hospital for a couple of days nobody said a word about me not having a mask on sometimes.
  3. Antifa is funded by Soros and supported by the Democrats. They are the cockroaches of this country. We alll know what you need to do with a roach infestation.
  4. Police cars with lifelike mannequins and a sniper hide overlooking it.
  5. That is what they signed on to do.......in wartime and peacetime. They saved lives. Carrying on a tradition since Ia Drang and Bruce Crandall and Ed Freeman.
  6. My best friend and family member passed away last Sunday morning. I know how you feel.
  7. Some folks are just ate up with the stupid....You are outside filling a gas tank not indoors around other folks.
  8. Need to prosecute all of them for double voting
  9. I own an Adam Arms 10 1/2 inch .223 pistol. The shortest Barrel I will use in an AR pistol is 10 1/2 inches due to muzzle blast with a shorter barrel.
  10. gshayd

    Heads Up.......

    The usual suspects......
  11. Seems the Governor here in Texas is looking at a plan and legislation to put the Austin PD under state control to protect it from the city council knuckleheads.
  12. Bolton who was there and we know doesn't like Trump has said he heard no such comment. More fake news.
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