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  1. gshayd

    The start of a new clone.

    will be watching to see where this one goes
  2. gshayd

    Anyone pirate moves or music?

    Nope, Nope,and Nope. That is called theft.
  3. gshayd

    impulse buy of the year.... Mini Freakin Mosin!!!

    If you can find one. I think Kingston Armory went belly up.
  4. gshayd

    Tri Tip Recipes Wanted

    Indirect cooking on the grill or roasting in the oven. The cut is kind of lean in the fat department so I would only cook it to Medium - 150 degrees at most don't overcook it. I would probably cook it to 135 degrees medium rare. Same on a grill. Slice across the grain. What you also need to keep in mind is that meat will continue to cook once you take it from the oven or grill.
  5. gshayd

    Well, my baby has graduated high school.

    Congrats now she starts her trek in the cold cruel world.
  6. As a Construction Surveyor in the military, I understand the downhill principle plus having hand dug some septic lines got that down pat. I went back home to scatter my Moms ashes My Cousin and I stayed in a newly remodeled hotel. They had a new shower fixture installed we looked at it for 15 mins and pulled on stuff to get the shower on after he called me in to look at it. The switch was underneath the bottom of the ball handle. As for as PVC fittings and PVC Pipe were concerned the paw in law was a thrifty man. He was also a pipefitter at the local paper mill. He would grab a hunk of cardboard or a pad and draw it out how he wanted it. He would then lay the pieces out the way they were supposed to go. You better not mismeasure the length... He would remind you what your mistake cost in $$. When I first started using PCV it took 24 hours for the glue to fully cure. Now when you get ready to stick two things together you better have them right AS far as hot and cold the Army always liked to be challenging soldiers by putting the hot and cold water knobs on in as many combinations as possible.
  7. gshayd

    Heart attack on a donut?

    Savory and Sweet food has been around for years.
  8. gshayd

    PTSD awareness

    You are not required to put any information on a Security Clearance for any mental health event that occurred during your military service. I avoided renewing my security clearance until that DoD Letter came out. Renewed my Clearance with no problems. The thing that will get you is lying on a security clearance application. Now they check your credit history also. I had some Medical Debt that was over 90 days old. I disclosed it and explained that I was making payments each month. My Security Clearance was renewed with no problems. I have PTSD but PTSD does not have me.
  9. gshayd

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    I take my red pill every day
  10. gshayd

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    I prefer the ones with US Govt style Combination Locks. My favorite is an American Security Safe
  11. gshayd

    Tax Court

    The IRS says I owe some money for some reason they computed everything as married filing single. Since they do not believe me off to Tax Court we go. It's only a couple of thousand but it the principle of the thing. They actually owe me. $98.00. It cost me $60.00 to file but sometimes kicking ass is more important than a few dollars
  12. My doctor put in a request for an MRI so I could go see the neurosurgeon. They sent the request out but it wasn't in my plan. I finally got tired of waiting and called where they sent it to. The Nice Lady there said I wasn't in the plan so they sent it back to the doctor. It seems once the office sent it out they never followed up on it. So I called and gave them all the info they needed to submit a new request. Okay waiting, waiting, and waiting. Seems the new place submitted it to my TRICARE PLAN. Called TRICARE and talked to a nice lady there. Armed with info and a telephone I got the info I needed such as date and time e-mail sent to TRICARE. Called the nice lady back and they contacted the Imaging place on a three-way call between us. Problem Solved. Why do I have to do all the Dayum work. I actually had a Doctor's office ask me to come to work to help solve these situations. I declined as I would have had to ask the office workers to do something terrible....WORK. Put up your cell phone and work. No messaging, watching streaming video, no youtube ect. You get breaks to do that. If you have completed all your work and follow-ups and patients are scheduled. Since I am not paying you out of my pocket I don't care if you want to pull the phone out and text, talk or whatever. I liked to work hard then party hard. It amazed other sections during my time in the military that if you planned, worked hard and followed up. That you could find extra time for some relaxation and fun. My superiors didn't like that at first but as soon as they discovered work was done ahead of time and there were no hiccups in the operations they left me alone. My bosses liked the fact that they could go to the staff meetings and not get their arses chewed out. I had a waiting list of Officers waiting to get an assignment to my section.
  13. gshayd

    Here we go again.

    a Little FYI on the MDT chassis and Ruger American. The Magpul magazine will not work with this Chassis. The Magpul magazine plus a few minutes file work will work just fine. The magazine lip is a little fat and will not fit in the Ruger American on this chassis just take a little off at a time and trim it down and viola works just fine. More like old people errors My brain knows what it wants to put but the fingers mess it up.
  14. gshayd

    Here we go again.

    6-24 just checking to see if you were on your toes and alert....good job