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  1. Austin is an island in Texas. They better watch out as some towns have tried to circumvent Texas state laws and found out they couldn't afford the cost of the daily fines and the legal fees to fight the Attorney General.
  2. gshayd

    Great Sling For Less $$

    The rifle ain't even cold yet..... you got the BRD bad
  3. gshayd

    Great Sling For Less $$

    FDE is the new tactical pink
  4. gshayd

    Great Sling For Less $$

    I only have 11 more to use till I have to reorder.
  5. gshayd

    NZ sparking panic buying here?

    This ain't New Zealand and we don't forget those who try to jack up the price
  6. gshayd

    OTF Pen Knife

    Just picked one up...... https://www.cobratecknives.com/shop.html#!/OTF-Tactical-Writing-Pen/p/126424862
  7. gshayd

    Where are all my cheeseheads

    You have my condolences on winters
  8. You have to have something for them to go into first
  9. *shat happens when you get old I have corrected it.....
  10. gshayd

    ISIS is defeated!!!

    WEemust keep the nations there willing to seek out and destroy ISIS. This will be a forever job. We have the technology to assist them in this task. Every once in a while they will need a nudge in the Arse. What we need to learn is that this area is not going to give birth to any shining examples of Democracy. Hell, we are fighting for our Republic here now. So we must let them choose their poison as far as the government goes and deal with the lesser of two evils.
  11. gshayd

    AR15 Magazine question

    How many rounds do you have loaded in the nonmetal magazines? Do the hang ups occur within the first few rounds? If so you might want to only load 28 rounds.
  12. gshayd

    Brick and mortar

    A good education costs money. You should have that little talk with your wallet if you want to build AR rifles. Brick and mortar does not come for free.
  13. gshayd


    I have had something like that. I remember puking in a small trashcan I grabbed on the way out of the house. Left that sucker in the parking garage at the hospital. P.S. learn to chill if life gets rough take a break relax and worry less. Stress is not your friend. They can kill you but they can't eat you. Unless its AOC with those large toofs she has. Take time to enjoy the small blessings bro.
  14. gshayd

    What would you guys do?

    If you have a verbal agreement it is an agreement as far as I am concerned. .Here in Texas there is a cooling off period when you make a purchase. For car buying it is 3 days. If the car dealer refuses to give you a return form he just extended that period.
  15. gshayd

    Best Texas BBQ

    Beans Beans the musical fruit.