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  1. Every firearm I have bought usually has an excess of oil on it from the factory as I have had to wipe of the excess. I usually clean em and relube them.
  2. I wear on everyplace that requires it. The local gun store doesn't care so I don't wear one while in there.
  3. Don't expect too much trouble here in the small town I live in but I am prepared
  4. gshayd

    My ballot

    My wife and I early voted yesterday. My next door neighbor is City Hall for the small town I live in. They were a voting place. Too easy.
  5. Might check ADM for a magnifier mount that flips out of the way. It comes in different heights.
  6. Hrmmmmm Not so. I humped around 240 rounds when in full battle rattle. When checking Section members I lifted the battle rattle up to make sure nobody was carrying empty magazines.
  7. We were issued 60 rds of ammo to carry on base and 240 rounds for trips to Afghanistan. I carried a 30 rd clip in each side pocket. The MPs were constantly having negligent discharges inside the wire :o If you were on perimeter guard duty you were locked and loaded. When you went into the chow hall you had a barrel to clear weapons. Had a few folks that made some noise in that...lol. The contract for the 6mm ARC has been awarded to Barrett Rifles nothing secret about it. This will not be a standard issue item. It might be something that is issued to Designated Marksmen.
  8. The Executive orders prevent the ATF from doing anything legally. His signature says volumes.
  9. So did you smoke them before wrapping them?
  10. I saw an article which a Weber Grill was used and the charcoal was laid out like that. Looks like it worked for you!
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uzbekistan-k2-karshi-khanabad-base-us-troops-radiation/. I had an endoscopy last week and only had one polyp so that was good. I have some other health issues since I was deployed to this place.
  12. Be sure to vote in this election to protect your 2A rights. Deny Biden a win. President Trump signed two executive orders that prevent the ATF from doing this. So go to the polls and vote to keep Biden out so he can't publish new executive orders. This is not breaking news as it has been out since June of 2020 https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/06/17/atf-secret-brace-ban/
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