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  1. gshayd

    The upside to the virus.

    The virus is playing hell in large cities and we know who lives in them.
  2. gshayd

    Lousiana Hero and Zero

    The Mayor had the power to cancel Mardi Gras. The orders to shutdown should come from local authorities first. there are ove 19,000 probably closer to 20,000 cities in the United States. The president can't watch that may at one time. Which is why state officials satrting with the mayors can issue a shutdown edict.
  3. gshayd

    US Military Now At HPCON Charlie

    We have 2 infected and 0 dead in our county. I saw where our county judges had put a supplementary order on stores/grocery stores to not let large crowds in. Then the picture showed a large line of people. So they lowered the risk in the store but increased it outside the store with a long line.
  4. gshayd

    Need a Wake Up Call on the COVID 19

    except nobody is letting folks in from other countries.
  5. gshayd

    New Shooter. Emergency Stimulus Check

    The means test starts at about $150,000 for a married couple. It will be based on your 2018 income taxes. The individual who makes $75,000 will get a $1200 check
  6. gshayd

    The upside to the virus.

    its a fraud call.................
  7. gshayd

    State just shut my office down!

    If you look at the stats young people are dying or being infected of the Coranvirus also in bigger percentages than the medical world expected. 48% of deaths in Italy the folks had 3 or more illnesses .
  8. gshayd

    The chinese are lying but how much?

    Most Asian nations use night soil for fertilizer. Korea is one of those.
  9. gshayd

    State just shut my office down!

    Ask the Italians if Coronavirus is deadly. Will everybody die...no. As President Trump said we don't want the cure to be worse than the disease. If we lose the companies and the economy is shattered then how does anybody expect to fight this Coronavirus or what else comes down the road. I think companies should come up with a plan of attack for staying open during Coronavirus. Those that can work from home should do so. I think if a company could come up with a good prevention plan they could present it to the government and get back in the game.
  10. gshayd

    FedEx and Others Issuing Travel Papers

    Im retired so stay at home is a no brainer for me.
  11. The only part of the Military I could see being used is the military police. Regular troops are not trained for law enforcement duties. Just use the USMC. After they shoot up some folks people will calm down.
  12. Have had one for a while. When I purchased it holsters were hard to come by. I have one now plus I have a red dot mounted on it. Like it. I have some Sig 365s that I like to carry. I just purchased a SiG 320 X Compact which I have a holster for. It has a thumblock that is easy to use.
  13. I dont need saving....leave me alone. As far as buying a first time pistol RTFI...Read The F*cking Instructions if you don't have anybody to show you. Its a start and better than nothing.
  14. Blowback for the win......