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  1. gshayd

    Gillete Video

    Has 800,000 votes against to 400,000 votes that support it. It was also done by activists. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/01/17/agency-that-made-gillettes-woke-anti-man-ad-filled-with-radical-feminists-anti-trumpers/ This has potential to become one of the least liked videos.
  2. gshayd

    Texas judge fines city of Austin

    Austin is 9 million dollars stupid now.....
  3. gshayd

    My nightmare video

    I am that one sunflower
  4. $9 million dollars for vio!ating he rights to carry in the Austin City Hall. This time was for six offenses. Let's see if they come back for more. I am getting ready to file a case against the county seat. Maybe this will cause them to pay some attention
  5. You have to recruit new members into the fold. Competion , classes,and hunting are areas to recruit youth and other adults.
  6. People open carry here nobody bats an eye or freaks out. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Do what works for you. I wear T shirts 99.9 % of the time. I have one of the sneaky Pete's and my cellphone is in the back pocket and all is covered by a T shirt. When I dress up I wear slacks and a business shirt which covers everything up.I see guys open carry around here all the time. If you open carry your holster must have retention features. I wear my carry gun concealed but don't care if others open carry. None of my business.
  7. gshayd

    Gillett razor

    So where was the condemnation of rappers who debase women on a regular basis. Also cultures that debase women?
  8. gshayd

    Gillett razor

    So Caleb are you repenting of your white male toxic masculinity since it is in your DNA?
  9. gshayd

    Stabbing at local Walmart

    They captured the guy.
  10. They would be 54.99 after I paid a transfer fee.
  11. gshayd

    Stabbing at local Walmart

    probably a little less than 1/2 mile from my house. I carry when I go there. A male and female were stabbed. The perp is still on the loose but has been identified.
  12. Knox lost during an election. He antagonized the membership and members of Congress.
  13. Well then you understand that the NRA board members are elected and elections in the NRA have consequences.I became a Life Member during the Clinton Era. I recently raised my membership level to Endowment Member and I plan on raising it to Patron member since we got the newly elected Democratic Congress. Are you proposing that the NRA start to get anti gun Democrats elected? The NRA doesn't get to choose who wins the right to run in the states. You do realize that don't you. As Rampy explained you got to make the best of a bad situation. Its easy to take potshots at the NRA. Neal Knox lost out years ago. In his editorial he talks about taking a bloody hatchet to the NRA. So what happens to the gun rights fight while this new leader is taking a bloody hatchet to the NRA Organization. Really? Some of us NRA members are hunters and competitive shooters and like the NRA,s support of that. I can guarentee you with that kind of talk none of the people he supports will get my vote. Some of this garners new members and youth into the NRA.