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  1. make a crappy gun and see what happens.
  2. gshayd


    Deaths are on the way down...... I am one of those lucky folks who have diabetes and heart disease. I only go out when necessary. I get all my food to go and carry hand sanitizer and spray sanitizer. Plus hand washing
  3. I would not want to work with a woman that wants to stab people nor employ one either.
  4. gshayd

    If You're Buying A Gun Now, Get Some Training

    I have a ladder for the roof ready that can be pulled up after me. Take the high ground.
  5. I do not watch NBA games anymore or spend money on NBA merchandise. If you really want to hurt them bont buy products NBA players endorse.
  6. No problem for me I gave up watching pro football long ago and spending zero bucks on NFL Merchandise.
  7. gshayd


    You will not be able to buy a N95 masks. My question is that while you have your mask on and that micro gob of covid lands in you eye on the mucous?
  8. Doing federal time for a federal crime
  9. Africa has a different type of racism and its called tribalism.
  10. They can make all the changes they want. The question is can they make money.
  11. It is done by a computer controlled laser.
  12. gshayd

    Equality for All

    People are feeling guilty I guess. I don't know what for. I didn't have any choice in the way I was born. I was reading that Minneapolis residents were letting folks get with crimes instead of calling the police to stop the crime. On guy was even getting car jacked and was going to let the perpetrators go. He got lucky when a better car came buy. You have so much guilt you will let yourself be robbed, raped or beaten and not call the place. As soon as the criminals figure that out they are going to strip those neighborhoods.
  13. gshayd

    Brett Favre: Kaepernick a Hero

    He sounds like he is prepping for the Most Stupid Person award