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  1. gshayd

    Barrel length

    I had a 7.5 barrel in 5.56 Shot it one time and sold it. I bought the barrel from another person who sold it. why I stick with 10.5 inches
  2. gshayd

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    Yup on the diameter of the comp. Ordered an XL Kak linear comp and it would not fit inside the rail.
  3. gshayd

    Buffer tube system

    I have never had any problems with buffer weights. I did order a heavier buffer for my 10mm AR15 pistol build after some reading. Unless you are shooting some exotic handload I would just stick with whatever they sell you for a AR 10 or AR 15.
  4. gshayd

    It's All in the Details 25,000

    might not be the most posts here but you would get the most quality posts on the board from me.
  5. gshayd

    Something is wrong with this picture

    There are a crapload of triggers on ebay...lol here it is https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rise-Armament-RA-140-Super-Sporting-Trigger/153637825459?hash=item23c5872bb3:g:6aMAAOSw0u9ddswE
  6. gshayd

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    a passworded router
  7. gshayd

    I enjoyed the concealed carry permit course

    Here in Texas if you are committing a crime and get shot you cannot sue the person who shot you in self-defense. Here in Texas if an officer stops me I would hand him my license plus my carry permit since it comes up when they identify you as a common courtesy to the officer. The most popular carry would probably be a 9mm. The most powerful gun is no good if you can't hit what you are shooting at.
  8. gshayd

    Did a thing

    I just purchased a KS 47 complete lower from them. sucking my wallet dry.
  9. gshayd

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    If it was a can where everything is directed forward you will be okay as long as the can front is outside the barrel. If you look at the picture a muzzle brake was used which had outlets inside the rail. Linear comps would be ok as long as they are near the end of the rail.
  10. gshayd

    Greeting from the Swamp

    good ole Ft. Puke
  11. gshayd

    No More Silver Bullets

    Should have stayed in Texas
  12. gshayd

    Something is wrong with this picture

    lol Ill give him tree fiddy $3.50 with free shipping.
  13. gshayd

    45 Super have any of you converted a 1911?

    I am sure STI can recommend a solution. you are handloading which offers you a solution instead of off the shelf ammo which has to take older guns into consideration. Buffalo Bore makes .45 Super Ammo and they give a phone number out on the page of a guy to talk to. https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=78
  14. gshayd

    Eddie Money Dead at 70

    RIP the music you made was some good times back in the day.
  15. gshayd

    Barrel length

    10.5 inches. I put a Lantac Dragon on mine. People beside you may not like it Kaw Valley makes a linear muzzle brake I have one of these https://www.kawvalleyprecision.com/KVP-Linear-Compensator-p/kvp-linear-blk.htm Dragons Head. I have one of these https://www.surplusammo.com/products/saa-5-56mm-dragons-head-muzzle-brake-linear-compensator-gen-i.html