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  1. Bloomberg could spend his whole fortune and he wouldn't win. Nobody wants a nanny for President. His track record in NYC says enough to turn off a lot of Americans.
  2. gshayd

    Global Cooling At Your House

    wowzer did not know
  3. gshayd

    Behind enemy lines...

    National Vietnam Museum in Weatherford https://www.nationalvnwarmuseum.org/
  4. gshayd

    Newest Build

  5. gshayd

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    Looks like your wallet is going to get pumped
  6. No luck yet. I recently got a letter about making a settlement. Which puzzles me because they owe me. I also have some cash coming due to a settlement with the Social Security Administration about my disabilities. so I am waiting here for the Eagle to crap. I would like to have it but if the eagle craps for somebody else don't wait on me.
  7. gshayd

    Behind enemy lines...

    What part of Texas?
  8. gshayd

    Newest Build

  9. gshayd

    Seventeen Pages

    We need to give Joel a raise he does such a good job
  10. gshayd

    Sad Day Here

    Condolences on your loss
  11. gshayd

    67yrs young and i want one

    PSA gives you some pretty good bang for you dollar. Budget is another consideration how much do you want to spend.? I agree that a 16" to a 18" is a good length for target and the house.
  12. gshayd

    My New Years day message.... Moving sucks.

    best idea...lol
  13. so who is this Mfg. ???????????????????????????????
  14. gshayd

    Been thinkin...

    I have bought from J&G and they treated me good. Description was as described and even better sometimes.