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  1. gshayd

    Oh lawd

    My nickname is dog-house I have hearing aids so I just cut the volume all the way down. Today I had to take the dog to the groomer. I get their and I try to grab her to put the leash on and she jumps to the other seat so I can't reach her. So i go to the other side and she does the same thing. After four tries I sneak around an open the door and grab her...lol. I walk her so she poops and uses the restroom. Last time I take her and walk her and I take my eyes off her for second and there is a steaming pile of poo in front of her and she is giving me the How you like me now look. I clean it up and watch her till they take her to the back. She is still giving me the stink eye this evening...lol.
  2. gshayd

    Oh lawd

    My nickname is dog-house I have hearing aids so I just cut the volume all the way down.
  3. gshayd

    AR 15 10mm Pistol

    it had a 8" barrel. I don't like any barrel less than 10.5 inches on a barrel. I built a 7.5" barrel AR 15 one time and discovered why the 7.5" barrel was sold to me....lol. I forewarned the next buyer but that psyched him even more to buy it. It looked like a miniature 4th of July show out front of the barrel. Now I have 4 inches for it run its course till it comes out the linear comp.
  4. gshayd

    Goin' shootin'

    those videos are addictive......
  5. gshayd

    Goin' shootin'

    PETA will be stopping by your house....lol
  6. gshayd

    Oh lawd

    Well, the dog wins... I had to find a bowl set like the last one and buy it. The dog is happy. As a protest, she dropped some turds in the hall right next to the AC intake. The hall is linoleum. Then would set in front of the new water bowl and cry. Next time I don't get my way I am going to take a dump in my wife's recliner and mope around. Seems to work for the dog.
  7. I am waiting on the barrel. LPK, muzzle brake, the charging handle, then its assembly time. I purchased an 8 oz buffer and an intermediate strength buffer spring. If that does not work to smooth out the 10mm then I am going to a 10oz buffer. Then a heavier buffer spring. I am pretty sure the buffer and spring combo I ordered will work out. The barrel is 8 inches but the XL Linear Muzzle Brake is 4.25 inches long so it is over my 10" preference for a barrel. Any Comment's or suggestions? Think this setup will work. https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Spartan-9MM-45ACP-Billet-AR15-Upper-Receiver-w-LR-p/jb-9-lrbho.htm https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Spartan-45ACP-Glock-Magazine-Compatible-Billet-Low-p/jb-spartan45.htm https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/New-Frontier-Armory-AR-15-8-Match-Grade-10MM-4150-p/nfa-bbl-10mg-8.htm https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw-Valley-Precision-XL-Linear-Comps-Black-p/kvp-xl-comp-black.htm https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw-Valley-Precision-AR-15-40-S-W-10MM-BlowBack-p/kvp-40sw-bcg.htm https://www.primaryarms.com/fm-products-.45-caliber-ar-15-heavy-buffer-8oz https://www.primaryarms.com/sprinco-m4-ar15-red-white-intermediate-carbine-power-buffer-spring https://www.primaryarms.com/aero-precision-ar15-forward-assist-assembly https://www.primaryarms.com/expo-arms-standard-ar15-charging-handle https://www.sb-tactical.com/product/sbpdw/ https://www.primaryarms.com/spikes-tactical-lower-parts-kit-no-trigger-group
  8. for $5.00 to cover postage fyi for specs. https://www.familyfirearms.com/products/accessories-galco-ts472b-601299011540-2221
  9. gshayd

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    I have no more business email
  10. gshayd

    An easier and far faster way to wash your garden vegetables

    greens are pretty tough to clean
  11. gshayd

    Oh lawd

    I have solved the problem. The bowl was not in the spot the old one was...lol.
  12. gshayd

    Oh lawd

    it was broken
  13. gshayd

    Oh lawd

    I bought a new water dish for the Dog. I show her what it is and I think life is good. You would think the dish is haunted. She is moaning and carrying on because we replaced her old water dish.