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  1. dredmond

    What is up with the Silencer Shop?

    But don't you find it strange that the advertised price on their main page is $790, yet every dealer in Oregon is $880 except one at $851? Where are the $790 deals they advertise for either AL or Oregon? Maybe $880 is a great price, just don't like the "teaser" prices...
  2. Got my trust done, sent a couple form1's in for SBRs and decided to go ahead and get a can for my wife's future 300blk SBR. I decided on the Silencerco Omega 7.62. Silencer Shop does a great job marketing and has a strong presence on the web so I went to their site - $790, great! After I convinced her she really needed a can... I went to the site, and the price was $880, wtf? Thought I had done something wrong and logged back in, back to the main page and it was $790 - when I clicked on it the price was $790 for about a second then went to $880??? Sent them an email, and they indicated pricing is set by the dealer, they are only the distributor - so why are they advertising it at $790, there is no dealer in my state offering it anywhere near $790? Seems a bit deceptive... What has been the Silencer Shop experience from others?
  3. dredmond

    Soft Point vs. FMJ

    Keyboard jockey.... Alot of bravado there for someone that doesn't know the difference between a soft point vs. a FMJ. I ain't a greenhorn either...just don't feel the need to tell everyone about all my cred. Reminds me of those Harley riders with the "right hand twist" - LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! Sorry bike riders, just couldn't resist I'm done.
  4. Been waiting around until my money is right to order a PSA 16" SS middy rifle kit. Looked at their new site today and it is not available anymore. Anybody confirm?