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  1. Hornady manual suggest little to no crimp for 9mm. I turn the the adjustable crimp down to touch the case as it says and 1/4 turn more. Never had any trouble with them. Bullets have no crimp groove iin them.
  2. I wear the Fletch as well, a lot. Carry a full size 1911 in it. Colt Delta Elite. I'd buy it again in a second.
  3. Nice. I just bought a Gen 3 mod 20SF myself. I've only shot my own reloads through it so far. Same as what I shoot in my Delta.
  4. If I wanted to shoot short and weak bullets I'd have bought one in S&W caliber. I bought a 10mm, I shoot 10mm amo in it and I shoot a lot of lead in every center fire handgun caliber I own.
  5. http://powdervalleyinc.com/ MidwayUSA.com CDNNsports.com I pour 90% of my own pistol bullets from scrap lead.
  6. I figured if I'm going to shoot it, just buy a mold right from the start. So far, so good. I highly recomend it. Some bullet goes in 10mm and 40sw.
  7. Yes, I've got 4, a SS Blackhawk with a 5" barrel, a Super Blackhawk with 7.5", A blue Redhawk 7.5", and a S&W 629 with 4" barrel. No scopes or fancy optics just blue adjustable iron pistol sights. I really like stainless and like it more every day. I shoot my 44's a lot, probably shoot at least one of them more days than not and I don't like spending a half hour with smelly solvent, rags, and gun oil because I shot 4 or 5 times at a stick in the water or an ice chunk on my way to the mail box. Even worse is deciding not to shoot a couple because I don't want to clean it up "just for that..." So I'll probably always have a preference for stainless steel from now on. Those guns get shot at least 10X what most of my blue ones do. I cast my own bullets from wheel weights and scrap and I've burnt most of 5 pounds of blue dot since December with most of it going down the barrel of that 7.5" inch super blackhawk. It is just awesome. Full power is the only way to shoot a 44 MAG!
  8. I don't get the cheeleader mentality people get over an amunition cartridge. How do they get this feeling of personal investment in a bullet some how. Before they realise it suddenly it has magical properties to them and defies the laws of physics every thing else on the planet must obey. I don't care what the general public knows, uses, or likes or doesn't like. The general public elected morons president of this country for the last 50 years or so. What they think or like about guns sure don't affect what I think about a gun or amunition.
  9. I don't see any point to it. There's not empty slot to fill or job it's going to be better at that there isn't already a cartridge already available and designed to be used in a revolver.
  10. I've been burning a lot of Blue Dot in my 10mm Delta 180 grain cast lead bullets 9.9 GRN Blue Dot - 1200 fps 9 grn Blue Dot - 1100 fps I've also shot the same bullets and chrono the results for these... Unique 6.9 grns - 1150 fps Accurate #5 8.9grns - 1150fps
  11. Bring your lunch. Guys like you will only be of any value to me so long as you have the strength to peddle my generator, then it's just ferlilizer for the garden.
  12. Did any of the empty cases show any signs of over pressure? A friend of mine had some bulging cases and turned out to be not crimped tight and were setting bullets back in the case on recoil.
  13. I LIKE those hollow points and read about the "devastor". It's actually what caught my eye in the google list for this forum. Tried to find it at midway usa in their list of lyman molds and couldn't figure it out I guess. Looked like they didn't make that mold any more or I don't know what the parts are I need. Have you hit any thing big with one of those like a deer or a hog? Does it give good performance / expansion on game animals?
  14. Tom Clancy fan but I've used it for so long and so many places I even get Jack Ryan snail mail now. I orderd the "snot" mold you speak of. LOL, I shoot those in my 45 and got no complaint. Put a Nighthawk target trigger in it last night and some leather bumper pads on the magazines. I been carrying it about every day since. I like it.
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