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  1. Very true. We are all brothers. Some of my best friends, and worst to pick on me, are cops. We share the same burden of being the red=headed step children until we are needed. when you lose the urge to pick on one another, you need to hang it up!
  2. Desperado, you got lots of prayers headed your way. Ill pick up where Rampy went astray... (Im a christian, like many call themselves, however I am not a hypocrite which so many so called christians truly are). Ive been there, as we probably all have. However, God placed Matthew 11:28 on my heart. " Come unto me all you who are heavy laiden, and I will give you rest". No matter how big the problems are, always remember that Gods love is bigger, and farther reaching. He doesnt call us his children for nothing.
  3. :biggrin: If ya cant stand the heat....become a cop!
  4. Thats awesome! And its more awesome that you took the time to take your son shooting. Dont see that much any more. I remember my dad taking me shooting in the woods with him. We would take his old GI 1911 and his British .303 and he would pick a knot in a tree for me to aim at. Most were misses, but now that he is gone, i appreciate those moments dearly. It was time spent with my hero, and the spark that started my love for anything gun related. Thats something you cant get from TV or a video game. And something probably most of your son' s friends dont and wont get from their father. Good job!
  5. True. Very true. However, when you got GTO dreams, and only Pinto income, you have to bypass the showroom and head to the bargain basement! You speak the truth though.
  6. Cant explain the Hoppes failure, but for blood on clothes/rags, use peroxide. Wont bleach colors, and will take the blood right out.
  7. I am a gun loving firefighter. Have grown up around guns, my dad taught me early about guns, and my uncle who is a cop taught me to properly respect guns, and how to properly use them. I would like to hear about you other gun totin' fire eaters!
  8. "well my shoes are on sale and dont cost as much!" ... well, no but when you buy 3 pair at a time.......
  9. Yeah. The funny thing is, a few months back, my wife got interested in getting her concealed handgun permit. Of course, I was FULLY for it! She started watching some of the shows I watch, and saw a gun that she thought was "pretty". When I told her how much it cost, she flipped! She could not believe the cost for a gun! She decided to use one of mine instead. Less "pretty", but already paid for ! lol
  10. If ya dont know what a coach purse is, ya probably aint married! No i feel ya there. My wife cannot understand why i have to have all the guns in my cabinet. And when i expressed my wanting to buy an AR the other day, she REALLY didnt understand. " Well if you have all those guns, why do you need another one? What does it do that the others dont? "
  11. Thanks firebird. Actually i re-searched through buds tonight and looked at the double stars. Also saw some good prices on DPMS panther. I work with cops, and each have different guns, and all think that theirs is the best. Price drives me primarily, and buds has a few different ones that are wonderfully priced, so its hard to choose!
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